Essay Sample on Gender Role Issue

Published: 2023-03-01
Essay Sample on Gender Role Issue
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Gender identity has been a dominant issue in society today as it interacts with different aspects and representations as people interact with each other. In all society representations, the different sets of gender categories serve as the basis of the representation of gender identity as they relate with each other. In gender identity, it offers the reductionist sense of identity whereby an individual perceives their sense of maleness or femaleness and involves more than any anatomical process. However, there has been a different representation of gender identity as people interact with the environment, circumstance, and each other. Regardless of gender, the offered presentations attempt to demonstrate the various ways that gender identity has been connected to other issues. Within the article by Sabo, it provides the actual practice of gender identity as it offers different details and representation of human behavior. The reports specifically suggest individual life practice and experience. Similarly, Devor gives insights into the social meanings of gender.

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In the gendered self, gender identities function as cognitive devices that guide people to attend and learn the gender roles as expected of them. Within both articles, they could be used and defined through the psycho music video by Post Malone. Through the music video, it delivers a representation of the gender identity as it focuses on the general idea of gender role. With the involvement of gender roles in ensuring identity, it is challenging to deliver the overall position, excluding one gender from another. In the interaction between both genders, the issue of gender identity would sound like a regular occurrence; however, it is critical to note that this development poses significant impacts on gender and representation in society.

Often, people use different presentations and demonstrations to convey specific information or create an impression. Through the use of a video, one can gather more attention to demonstrate the intended objective. Even though some presentations can be confusing, the specific details used to play a significant role in elaborating on the actual message. For instance, as delivered in Post Malone's psycho video, it offers a great selection of details and representations such as fire, smoke, snow, a desert, a wolf, a young girl, and heavy machinery. Since psycho is a music video, Post Malone takes center stage to portrays the message in the song. However, most of the features and details in the video play a significant role in representing the issue of gender identity and different gender roles and behaviors.

As the video begins with a view of a desert using it as an ambivalent setting. The desert could be used to provide a ground defining death and survival, which brings around the notion of a gendered desert. In line with the desert background, it is not easy to distinguish how it interacts with the issue of gender identity. The wasteland offers a proper environment as Post Malone takes over the central position to deliver the song. Within the desert, there is the presence of dry scrubs. Behind the wasteland vicinity, one can see highlands and hills, creating the impression that the opposite side of the wasteland could be a fertile and productive location. Also, the surrounding highlands appear covered in snow as the two sides deliver different impressions. The idea represented within this scene inclines with Sabo as he provides details of two different sides. For example, Sabo starts by outlining that he will be writing about something very different. Since he is not in pain anymore, in varying extents, the highlands portrayed in the video could be represented with Sabo's story as he writes about a kind of hope since he says that he is no longer in pain. As such, a similar explanation could be offering about gender identity based on their location.

In as much as the wasteland is provided as the center stage in the video, there is more about the view since it offers more details, mainly composed of good and bad moments. Since the wasteland aspect in the video highlights death and survival, it tries to express a post-war scenario which, in different ways, connects to the notion of gendered deserts. Often, desert or wasteland settings are understood as gendered as they offer different points of view. Since Post Malone is the only character seen in the scene, this occurrence could reflect that there is a clear difference between gender roles. It portrays the dominance trait in males as they undergo death and survival in such environments. One of the astonishing things in this video is the presence of smoke in the desert. The incident could be used to imply the need for survival creating questions about women in wartime. For instance, it could raise the question of whether there is enough representation of women, especially in war defining the different gender roles.

The society has set out a collection of ideas on the gender roles describing how men and women are expected to present themselves or behave. Since men are always viewed as superior beings than the female, they are often portrayed with the capacity to handle survival and manual work. According to Devor's article concerning social gender, Devor states that the learning task begins with gender identity whereby children are taught to behave per there gender (Devor 109). Within the article, Devor clusters the gender role definitions by categorizing them into masculinity and femininity. Within the two clusters, there are questions concerned with the issue of gender roles, especially with the use of power (Devor 112). The different actions of masculinity could be demonstrated through different cues, particularly with the use of body structure to present their goals and power. As such, the male gender could deliver dominant attitudes, especially with people displaying high status in their social group. Such occurrences reflect on the patriarchal ideology delivering that masculinity could be a result of high aggression, impelling the males towards success (Devor 115). With a view on the video, it represents the issue of gender role in individual events. In the video, Post Malone uses a tanker to drive through the wasteland. This representation is a clear indication of the direct interaction and specific definition of males as superior as they depict their power and goal. In different ways, the heavy machinery helps clarify and draw the line concerning the gender role defining femininity and masculinity. As Devor argues how males use their body structure to portray the power and their goals, this is evident in the video based on how Post Malone used the tanker along with other types of machinery.

Additionally, the lyrics help in the representation of gender roles in that Post Malone attempts to portray his achievement and success. The argument offers a significant connection based on the Devor's perceptions that the male gender may attempt to describe their results to display a high status. The indication delivered by the video lyrics reflects the ideological bearing that masculinity ought to remain separated from femininity. Such occurrence outline gender identity by pointing out the gender roles. As the video develops, more details are represented concerning gender identity and roles in a hierarchical way to portray success achievement. The different elements convey secure messages as they offer the representation of gender in the society, outlining that each gender is ascribed to certain behaviors and roles.

Correspondingly, the speech patterns, dress codes, and body actions that support the authority create an impression about masculinity. By this, it means that most of the gender preferences are based on the idea that individuals tend to act in ways portraying their preferences. In the use of actions such as demeanors and body postures, they communicate in different ways whereby vulnerability or a subordinate status defines and represents feminism while high status and strength signify masculinity. Within speech patterns, feminine gender identity is reflected by polite expressions and more questions, while masculinity is portrayed by less speech. Primarily, it is clear that social hierarchy is often used to define gender identity with the involvement of patriarchy. According to Sabo, he outlines that most men heed to the cultural message taking their cues for survival from social hierarchy bringing about the inclusion of the "pain principle" (Sabo 427). Within the principle, Sabo elaborates on the importance of pain in culture-defining it as more important that pleasure (Sabo 426). In consideration of the idea of inflicting pain as a function of gender role, both Devor and Sabo hold the belief that such a set of rules is critical. The ideology whereby Sabo uses the pain principle to explain gender identity to control others is evident in the video with the presentation of certain events.

Within the video, a wolf and a young girl are presented differently as they portray a sense of pain. The wolf represents different ideologies inclined towards gender roles and identity. For instance, the wolf could represent the death and survival of varying extents. These events of death and survival are in various applications in defining gender identity, particularly with representing the male gender. The wolf is only depicted twice in the video to drive the point that the male gender can be represented by survival. In other cases, they could be used to describe the strength associated with gender identity and roles.

Similarly, the young girl portrayed in the video represents a selection of various gender roles. For instance, the girl is described in such a manner that defines and represents the female gender differently, showing pain as established by Sabo. Within the video, the physical appearance and actions by the young girl are a clear indication of the representation of gender roles and identity. Even though there is not much about the female gender in the video, the outlined details provide a proper platform to increase the understanding of gender identity. In as much as masculinity is delivered as the dominant gender in the video, both genders are represented with the particular elements used.

Today, individuality, gender, and culture are composed of different fragments rather than smooth wholes. According to Cohen, he delivers details on culture, in particular, the monster culture, and attempts to tie down different stories under the unified theory. In most of the arguments concerning gender roles, they focus on the functionality of past gender roles alongside the changes in gender roles (Bell). Although gender roles may change with time and under different cultures, the differences between genders offer the perceived social and gender identity. According to Huppatz and Dagistanli (1-2), they provide a particular preference for gender role setting out the social practices under gender identity.

Furthermore, gender roles could be influenced by the environment in different ways. In consideration of the psycho video, a fire has continuously been used. Even though there is not much detail elaborating on the role of fire in the video, one can quickly point out the fact that fire could represent death. The fire in the video could also represent the different aspects of gender roles as the fire points out on the specific practice as both genders could be faced with pain or struggles. Towards the conclusion of the film, there is the view of snow. One may tend to believe that snow is used to represent a sense of relief and change. The development plays a vital role in clarifying particular gender roles. As Sabo and Devor illustrate the involvement of gender roles in ensuring that gender identity is maintained, they differ at some point.

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