Gender in Action - Free Essay Example for Students

Published: 2019-09-13
Gender in Action - Free Essay Example for Students
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In this study, the two gendered behaviors that were selected to be part of the research included feminine caring for the children and the opening of the door for women by men, which is traditionally regarded as masculine. The observation was used as a research methodology. One of the busy shopping mall in the city was also selected as the area of study. Armed with the coding sheet, the observer coded the behaviors of the individuals from both gender: male and female, as they entered and left the shopping mall. This exercise involved ticking on the coding sheet against the box that indicates the Child caring by women and men opening the doors. In this case, vehicle doors were used.

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From the data collected, it was apparent that male and female depicted different behaviors as they embarked on their endeavors in the shopping mall. Some women had come in the shopping mall with their kids. They observed to be holding the hands of their kids. Some were observed placing their kids on the trolley as they continued shopping around. There were also notable observations about males gendered behaviors. There was a large number of men accompanying women to do their shopping in the mall. After done with their shopping, men were mainly observed pushing trollies to the place they had parked their cars, as their respective women followed them. As they reach where the car is parked, most of the men were observed opening the doors for a woman to sit as they continue placing the shopping in the car.

However, all these aspects are likely to be affected by the time of the day. For instance, the rush hour, both genders will embark on sharing their roles. Instead of waiting for a man to open the car door for her, a woman can go ahead to open it as a way of saving time.

Apparently, gender roles can be considered to be behaviors and attributes that can be used to define whether an individual is a female or a male. It is through the gender roles that expectations are raised on what a male or female is supposed to behave. It is through these expectations that led to the emergence of the feminine and masculine (Ickes 73). According to femininity, women are expected to be nurturing, caring and sensitive to the needs of those around them. These feminine expectations have since shaped the behaviors of women. On another hand, the masculinity requires an individual to depict aggression, dominance, protective antics and being active. These masculinity expectations have also determined how male individuals in the society are supposed to behave.

The data that was collected can be used to reinforce the genderization of the behaviors. From these data, it is apparent that gender roles had a huge influence on how men and women were behaving in the shopping mall. The majority of women doing their shopping in the mall were depicted to be holding the hands of their kids as well as placing them on the trollies as they moved around the mall. This is an act of sensitivity and caring which is outlined in the theories of gender roles. The same was depicted in men. In the study, most men who had accompanied women in the shopping mall were observed pushing trollies towards the car as women followed them. This is an act of dominance. They went ahead and opened the doors for their women indicating that men are always happy when they are in control. Men who are defined by these behaviors are branded the tag of gentlemen.

From this study, it can be contended that gender roles are always in action and they are integral in shaping and defining the behaviors and attributes of individuals in the society. It, therefore, follows that there will always be tendencies of women and men to behave in a certain way as a result of feminine or masculine expectations in the society.


Ickes, William. "Traditional Gender Roles: Do They Make, and Then Break, our Relationships?" Journal of Social Issues, (1993): 71-85. print.

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