Essay Sample for Everyone: Movies and the Impact of Images

Published: 2022-03-22
Essay Sample for Everyone: Movies and the Impact of Images
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Movies and images have had an impact on the lives of the people that are concerned and this chapter attempts to give a candid narration about the experiences that people go through in their daily lives. The movies as it has been discussed in the section have been argued to bring people together. The article captures this scenario in a manner that is relatable as in the case of Van Meer who is assassinated as he is on the brink of salvaging Europe from being involved in the world war. The descriptive element that one is introduced to as people are given an aura of the events that transpired before the assassination is one that makes one to have a vivid picture of the issues that the people are going through or are relatable (Campbell, Martin and Fabos, n.p). The fact that the article creates a mental picture to anyone that is interested in reading, is a reason enough to try and understand the experiences of the omnipresent narrator who was a witness to the struggles that the people experience in their daily lives. The fact that all these experiences are recorded in a movie but still make the viewer to feel as if they are relieving that particular moment of assassination, is a reason enough to make the reader feel a connection to the events. Movies hence have the power of reliving the historical events that had happened years ago and ensure that the message is achieved.

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The article also explores the challenges that the film industry has been on the forefront defending such as the emerging issues as the world continues to evolve. The issues that were frowned upon have been made been made to be perceived as part of the normal challenges that affect the people. For instance, one might argue about the paradigm shifts that are evident in the society that act as a mirror to the values and the norms that a society perceived to be true. The article further explores the challenges that the movie and the images have had in making sure that they get a bigger share from the radio and the television.

The article further explores the impact that the industry has had on issues such as media convergence especially those that are meant to look at the influence of the digital technology in a style that is related to Hollywood. The digital technology that saw the sales of the films sky rocket is the use of tapes that saw the sales of their products has a surge. The media especially the social media has also helped the artists to go solo as they have the option of marketing themselves without signing in contracts that restrict them on their artistic creativity (Campbell, Martin and Fabos, n.p). One such example that the book has used to employ these cases, was the case of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who despite being approached by major recording labels decided to do their own thing at their own time.

The article further acknowledges the reason behind the popularity of the films and other forms of entertainment such as music and social media. This has been cited as the need for the Americans to have a sense of belonging that the actors and the plots give them as they are able to relate on a new level. The ability to relive the moments that the people have had in the past is a move that helps one to have a glimpse on the impressive role that the movies have had on Americans. Apart from having one that responds to important milestones in the lives of the people is one that acknowledges the need for the people to relate to events that not only reflect their values but that which are relatable (Campbell, Martin and Fabos, n.p). The media has hence been successful in ensuring that the historical victories and injustices are documented. It also has influenced the society to accept some issues that have had a ground for dispute such as the gay rights and the women rights. The article hence in a conclusive manner surmises the effects that the movies and the images have had on the people.


The shift was one that was gradual as it first began with the inception of narrative films. Ultimately, the innovation of the nickelodeon where the patrons were expected to have a ticket to admission saw the transition become successful.

Hollywood became the best site for film production given that its cost was one that was cheap, the climate was a favorable one, and t=its location favored an easy escape should the authorities have any issues.

Genres and directors are essential as they help the same directors in having a solution on how to handle their target audience to make their movies appealing. Directors are vital also since they are the ideas behind the success of the film.

Documentaries have become an alternative to the Hollywood films as they are usually engaging and have information that might be perceived as being vital to the viewer as opposed to the films that are just meant to thrill the viewer

Internet has helped in changing the way the films are marketed as the distributors have had to deal with the change of preferences of their consumers. Consequently, the distributors have had to introduce other pathways such as Netflix that takes advantage of the popularity of the internet.

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