Free Report - Strategic Insights: Tesla's Marketing Analysis and Industry Dynamics

Published: 2024-01-17
Free Report - Strategic Insights: Tesla's Marketing Analysis and Industry Dynamics
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Points for Slide 14: Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis is a critical factor in any business and the Tesla company, just like any other business, has its marketing analysis (Hollensen, 2019). Tesla has been matching market demand and its products by making luxury cars, which are highly demanded in the world (Al-Kwifi et al., 2019). A market's viability is a crucial factor to consider because the market choice has to be reasonable for the company's products (Hollensen, 2019). Market accessibility is another critical factor to consider when making a marketing analysis (Hollensen, 2019). The competition in the market is also a factor to consider when marketing analysis (Hollensen, 2019). Demand and supply forces should also be considered when making a marketing analysis (Hollensen, 2019).

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Points for Slide 15: Perceptual Map of Industry

The customers and potential customers have individual perceptions (Chacko et al., 2019). The organization is perceived in a certain way (Chacko et al., 2019). The brand, product, service, and idea are also perceived positively by the customers and potential customers (Chacko et al., 2019). This is the industry's perceptual map and should be examined before venturing into a market (Chacko et al., 2019). Individuals have a positive perception of Cars from the Tesla company, making them sell more cars (Al-Kwifi et al., 2019).

Points for Slide 20: Internet Retail Analysis

Internet retailing is the sale of goods and services through the Internet (Hui, 2020). Internet retail analysis involves several activities (Hui, 2020). The potential for customers to shop online should be analyzed (Hui, 2020). The targeted customers should be analyzed (Hui, 2020). The possible challenges of internet retailing should also be analyzed, and possible solutions configured (Hui, 2020). Analysis of online order history has helped Tesla know the type of cars that customers want and hence improved their brand value chain (Al-Kwifi et al., 2019). The analysis should not leave out any of these factors for internet retailing to be effective.

Points for Slide 21: Relationship Quality with the Segment

Relationship quality is directly related to customer perceptions about a product's quality (Itani et al., 2019). Customer quality anticipations should be analyzed. Relationship quality should also be analyzed (Itani et al., 2019). Relationship strength is another factor to be analyzed in relationship quality within the segment (Itani et al., 2019).

Points for Slide 22: Opportunities for Brand with the Segment

Brands relate majorly to the products (Hung & David, 2020). Luxury cars have been used for every market segment. Prices of Tesla cars vary depending on the market segment (Hung & David, 2020). Quality varies from one segment to another (Hung & David, 2020). There is a correlation between quality and status (Hung & David, 2020). These factors should be considered in a brand with a segment analysis.

Points for Slide 23: Gaps in Expectation Between Brand and Segment

The Tesla cars have a particular nature, while expectations may differ (Danaher et al., 2020). The ability to match expectations with brand keys is critical (Danaher et al., 2020). Analysis of how to meet customers' expectations has been thoroughly done by Tesla marketers(Danaher et al., 2020). The brand's ability to sell in a particular segment should be analyzed (Danaher et al., 2020). These factors significantly influence a specific market segment and are critically analyzed (Danaher et al., 2020). If the analysis is not adequately done, the customers may find it to be satisfied with a particular brand in the market.

Explanation of the Points

Marketing analysis should be thoroughly done to ensure no gaps are left unfilled in the market (Hollensen, 2019). The analysis should be professionally done. The industry's perceptual map has been effectively drawn in Tesla so that a specific segment of customers is not left unattended because their perceptions are not covered (Chacko et al., 2019). Internet retailing has been on the rise in the recent past, and the retailing analysis should be done to achieve the best from online activities relating to business (Hui, 2020). Tesla has greatly taken advantage of online media to market its products (Al-Kwifi et al., 2019). Quality relationships and customer quality should be factored in in any market analysis (Itani et al., 2019). Brands with specific opportunities should be considered for the markets that present an absolute opportunity (Hung & David, 2020). Customer expectations and gaps in the brands should be matched not to find an excuse for not shopping for a particular brand (Danaher et al., 2020). the matching of customers' expectations and the nature of Tesla cars has greatly boosted its product market. These factors affect the market both directly and indirectly, and there should be no underrating of any factor.


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