Workforce Planning in the Pepsi Company, Free Essay in Human Resource Management

Published: 2022-02-18
Workforce Planning in the Pepsi Company, Free Essay in Human Resource Management
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Mission, Vision, and Values of the Pepsi Company

Pepsi Company is one of the leading multinational corporations that sell soft drinks in most parts of the world (Church & Silzer, 2014). Pepsi Company is a Canadian organization that is concerned with corporate responsibilities by doing rights things in the country. Workforce planning involves an analysis of the mission statement, vision, and values established by the company. The mission statement of Pepsi Company is to become the premier consumer products company in the world in the sale of quality foods and beverages. Pepsi Company also focuses on producing financial rewards agents and investors in addition to the provision of opportunities that promote employee growth and enrichment. Growth and enrichment are also directed to communities and business partners. The vision of Pepsi Company is putting all programs and environmental stewardship into action to benefit the society and ensure commitment towards building the shareholder values; therefore, ensuring sustainability in Canada (Church & Silzer, 2014). Some of the important values of the Pepsi Company include honesty, integrity, and fairness.

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Ways in which Nehemiah Exhibited Good Leadership, Decision-Making, and Workforce Planning

The book of Nehemiah focuses on leadership qualities and principles that spiritual leaders should adhere to promote social and spiritual growth. Many scholars have written their books on the leadership topic based on the principles portrayed by Nehemiah. Nehemiah had a vision towards the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem City. Vision is one of the workforce planning because it ensures that the desired goals are achieved in the company. According to the book of Nehemiah chapter 2 verse 8, the vision of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem is important because it ensures physical protection to all Israelites especially during their prayers in the Temple (Antoine, 2014). Nehemiah also exhibited good leadership because he was compassionate in his operations. For example, Nehemiah sat down and cried to God after knowing that his people are undergoing suffering. Nehemiah was an organized spiritual leader because he arranged how to rebuild the wall and bring restoration in Jerusalem (Antoine, 2014). Nehemiah's courage and strength enabled him to approach the Emperor; therefore, ensuring effective decision-making.

Creating a Workforce Plan for the Pepsi Company

Creation of the workforce for the company involves analysis of some important jobs that are important in maintaining current and future operations. Some of the activities to be considered in the creation of workforce planning in the Pepsi Company include generation of human resource inventory and improving employee welfare. Pepsi Company is normally engaged in referral programs through its human resource department (Church & Silzer, 2014). Improvement of employee's welfare involves the use of legal procedures in recruitment, promotion, and the resignation of employees in the company. Referral programs are also important in generating monetary rewards based on the achievements of the workers in the company.

Environmental Scan for Workforce Planning in Pepsi Company

Pepsi Company is committed to achieving financial stability and business success in the country. Corporate responsibility is one of the considerations of Pepsi Company in its operations. The environmental scan involves the analysis of the demographic factors that determine the success of the company. The environmental scan involves the communication of external facts that influence the success of the company. PepsiCo faces stiff competition from Coca-Cola Company (Church & Silzer, 2014). Effective decision-making processes are essential in determining economic data and related marketing strategies. Corporate responsibilities of Pepsi Company is to provide job opportunities for the people in the society; therefore, improving its demographic data.

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