Free Essay Example. Greenville Company Internal Analysis

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay Example. Greenville Company Internal Analysis
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The internal analysis of Greenville Company shall be based on the business model analysis and organizational analysis. Greenville Company has a corporate mission, business model, and vision statement that displays the direction the company intends to realize as an organization

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Organizational Skills Analysis of Greenville Company

Greenville's company mission statement states that namely; to nurture and inspire one person, one neighborhood, and one cup at any given time. For the company to realize its mission, the company strive to execute some core principle namely; commitment to delivering the finest coffee. With regard to delivering finest coffee, the company aims at meeting two key issues that entail purchasing of coffee beans in an ethical manner and ensuring that the end products to customers are of high quality (De Luca, 2018). The other core principle of the company is considering workers as vital asset and resources. Apart from that, the company gives its customers a gratifying environment to connect people and a sense of belonging.

Financial performance

The company improves its financial performance through an international expansion strategy. The strategy is developed as a result of the growing reputation of the company's brand coupled with the ability to identify attractive locations of stores within the region. Also the strategy is supported by fixed fees, cost-control practices, standard contract development, and centralized buying (Thendean & Layadi, 2019). Over the last two years, Greenville Company is downsizing within the country fueled by economic downturn within the country. However, with the emergence of this strategy international coffee production has increased and at least 1000 coffee shops across the globe have been opened.

Marketing Capabilities

The company uses a positioning strategy to meet a wider market. The strategy position rival firm into strategic goals. The groups are placed on certain strategic goal map to help the Greenville to analyze how the rival companies are positioned. For this industry, mapping is done in terms of quality and price of the commodity against the breath of the product line (TRIANI & Supriadi, 2019). In recent study, the strategic group map displayed that the company is the leading company in terms of quality and price offering including the offering of the product breadth.

Other internal organization Issues

The company has competitive advantages that capture namely; cost focus, differentiation focus, in-store brewing utensils, cost leadership, and uniqueness low cost. For the company to distinguish itself from the rival companies, the company provides extra coffee and gives a sense of community activism through its brand image.

Sources of Revenue

The company intends to reach China and Asian market by targeting the middle class by bringing a new lifestyle. Thus, the company intend to generate its revenue through corporate income taxes, payroll taxes, personal taxes, estate taxes, and government taxes (Thendean & Layadi, 2019). According to recent research, it was claimed that Chinese are growing in demand for coffee preferences. Also, Chinese greatly admires American products and lifestyles.

Analysis and Evaluation

Based on the growing demand for coffee preference by the Chinese, Greenville company strive to capitalize on intangible resources such as brand image and power to meet these demands. Thus, the company utilizes immense human expertise and capital in marketing ability, location selection, and innovation to have a distinguished premier coffee brand (De Luca, 2018). The company has advanced on technology through the help of new mobile apps, rechargeable payment cards, social network marketing, and internet capabilities.


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