Free Essay Sample on Reasons Why You Should Not Shoplift

Published: 2023-10-28
Free Essay Sample on Reasons Why You Should Not Shoplift
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Shoplifting is the act of thieving items from a shop or any other business enterprise while play-acting to be a purchaser. Shoplifting in the United States is at an alarming rise and has resulted in serious losses for retailers and businesses. Statistics show that there are about twenty-seven million shoplifters in the United States currently. Moreover, it has been noted that shoplifting is carried out almost every day, and only a small number of shoplifters have been caught. This essay discusses the reasons why nobody should get involved in shoplifting.

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First and foremost, it is illegal to shoplift, and shoplifters get penalties for the act. The penalties vary in different states. Once a business owner catches a shoplifter, he or she is entitled to detaining the person in the store. If the victim is guilty, he or she may be aggressive and force the owner to use force. This is risky to both the victim and the owner as they might end up harming each other. However, one a shoplifter is caught, the authorities should be informed so that they can find and give them notice to appear in court for petty crimes or transport them to a police station and jail them when the situation is difficult. Serving a jail term or getting a crime on your record permanently is not good and this should make one to desist from attempting shoplifting. Consequently, a shoplifter ends up paying heavy fines and others being sent to jails for items that are not worthy.

Social Issues

Also, the act of shoplifting is immoral and unacceptable in society. It is warned against in the bible, which states that one should not is very wrong to take someone’s property without their knowledge. The act of shoplifting is similar to stealing and can lead to the development of negative habits as well as low self-value. Since a shoplifter is aware that the act is wrong, he or she feels guilty over the action, and this can result in grievous consequences such as low self-esteem and self-worth. To some extent, some may derive joy out of getting items without working and develop into criminals through the habit of shoplifting. Criminal activities have serious consequences and may also lead to an untimely and painful death.

Consequently, the guilt of shoplifting also affects family members as they bare the shame of their member caught of shoplifting. Children with such a parent may end up as loners because of stigmatization from other children. Parents, on the other hand, get hurt as they are perceived not to have nurtured their children well. Shoplifting, therefore, has a huge impact on the family and friends of the victim.

Furthermore, shoplifting leads to an increase in the cost of items for everyone. One a retailer incurs losses due to shoplifting, he or she increases the cost of items in the business to accumulate the loss and also get some profit. This impacts every client since they have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for items they would otherwise get at cheaper costs. Increased rates in shoplifting, therefore, increase the buying price of commodities. This means that shoplifters make livelihood go higher for everyone.


To sum up, shoplifting has no positive impact. It should not be practiced. It is evident that the act of shoplifting has perilous effects on the person’s self-image and life, the business owner, and also society. In addition, it results in guilt. Shoplifting should, therefore, be discouraged in all platforms, and businesses should apply the utmost security procedures to curb any instances of shoplifting. Parents and guardians should discourage the younger generation from shoplifting and by providing basic essentials to avoid temptations to shoplift. The government in the states should also be on the frontline dealing with shoplifting by applying strict measures to deal with any shoplifter who is caught so that they can serve as examples to the rest.

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