Essay on Achieving Food Security: Exploring Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the PhD Level

Published: 2023-10-13
Essay on Achieving Food Security: Exploring Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the PhD Level
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Food security is of great concern to most countries in most countries as the World’s population keeps increasing. Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering hold the promise of revolutionizing the food industry to ensure that people are well fed and get food products of the best nutritional value. The interest to study Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the Ph.D. level is piqued by a personal desire to help the World attain food security.

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I hold a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University, Bangladesh, and Master of Science in Agricultural Machinery Engineering from Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea. I interned at Shenyang Agricultural University in the People’s Republic of China, where I compared different environmental variables inside Chinese traditional solar greenhouses both in summer and winter season. I have also involved myself with various projects in remote sensing, machine design, robotics, and precision farming.

My baccalaureate project was the “Development of a Low-Cost Evaporative Cooling System for Storing Fresh Tomato.” Master's thesis: “Development of high-tech machinery for improvement of mechanization on upland-field farming.” The latter project enabled me to develop a picking mechanism for an automatic pepper transplanter by modelling and simulation. I was also able to evaluate the designed prototype in real field conditions and determined the acceleration and power requirement using vibration and torque sensors.

The project also involved conducting a power transmission analysis of the transplanter to select a suitable multistage gear-box parameter operating in different soil conditions. Under the “Industrialization of user comfort improvement technologies for smart greenhouse ICT equipment” project, I developed a system to help in greenhouse management. I have also been aggressive in participating in various national and international conferences and helped in the publishing of journals relevant to the field of agriculture.

The skills to be learned in the Ph.D. program will go a long way to re-invent the systems I had developed for remote monitoring and control of agricultural practices and environmental variables such as humidity, temperature, light intensity, and others. If granted the opportunity to pursue my Ph.D. studies in Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University, I will utilize this chance to enhance knowledge and interpersonal contacts to combine theory and experiment in the field of agriculture.

As I come from Bangladesh, South Asia, the knowledge garnered from this Ph.D. will enable me to evaluate agricultural theory and experience to bolster agricultural practices back at home and across the globe. I intend to go back to my home country and transfer the knowledge gained by helping solve different emerging problems in the agriculture sector. As Bangladesh is coupled with a lack of adequate lab facilities and modern agricultural technologies, most farmers and agricultural specialists struggle to cope with the necessary skill set to optimize available agricultural activities. The program will enable me to counter the challenges in Bangladesh and transfer the knowledge to other nations of the world, still struggling with food security.

I look forward to getting an admission to this great institution for my Ph.D. program. I believe in the tutorship of the institution, and the thrill of learning alongside prominent personalities ignites the zeal to pursue knowledge in modern agricultural systems and practices. Importantly, I believe Oklahoma State University will guide me in applying smart agriculture, machine vision, and sensor technology, and machine automation for the agricultural and biosystems industry. Through OSU, I also hope to gain a multi-disciplinary approach to agricultural problems and challenges presently affecting the World through the interaction of fellow researchers and globally renowned scholars across the globe.

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