Free Essay: Political, Social and Cultural Environment of Organized Crime in the US and the UK

Published: 2022-09-22
Free Essay: Political, Social and Cultural Environment of Organized Crime in the US and the UK
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According to Liu, Hebenton, and Jou (2013), organized crime syndicates are continuing to increase in their mode of operations taking dimensions that pose both local and global threats. Globalization which is transforming in the sense of making the world a single village has enabled organised crime groups to develop international networks that have promoted their access to both illegal and legal markets (Charney, 2016). In the United States and the United Kingdom, organized crime groups continue to expand regardless of procedures to curb them. Since they are becoming larger than before, organized crime syndicates have managed to interfere with the political, social and cultural environments of the society.

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The influence of organized crime in politics is pervasive in both USA and UK. Despite this, the international community has so far been reluctant to deal with this issue of organized crime given the sensitivities involved (Gaughan, 2014). Drawing from previous studies on the threat that organized crime pose on democratic politics in the United States, citation discovers a connection between corrupt politicians and illicit networks. A similar study by citation in the UK discovers that in as much as there is no significant involvement of politicians with organised crime in this place, they play significant roles in electoral cycles and competitive politics by influencing pre-poll violence. Also, money accrued from the legal and illegal businesses is used to finance politician and different ideologies that affect the society in various ways.

Besides politics, another aspect of society impacted by organised crime is the social order. According to Soudijn and Edward (2009), organized crime flourishes in societies that will remain disadvantaged, fractured and vulnerable to social problems. Zhang and Ko-Lin (2002) mentions that organised crimes are found in places that are fed with mental health issues, drug addiction, family dysfunction, troubled childhood and debt which is what they use to make a profit. Unlike the Robin hood portrayal of organized crime, their activities erode the social values of a society.

Lastly, the culture of violence which stems from organized crime is another influence such groups bring to society. Groups rival over territories and market with episodes of gunfights and widespread brutality. According to Lo (2010), such actions not only drain the society of its valuable culture of peace but also takes the lives of critical parental figures who are essential in shaping the cultural environment of a society.

In conclusion, organised crimes interfere with the political, social and cultural environments of the society. Arguably, organised crime influences politic by linking with powerful politicians, affects the social order through drugs and lawlessness and equally promote the culture of violence in both USA and UK. As a result, to maintain order in society, the initial step would be to clear such groups.


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