Free Essay Sample on Freedom to Children

Published: 2019-09-02
Free Essay Sample on Freedom to Children
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In the current world, some people believe that children have too much freedom while others are of the opposite opinion. The issue has sparked a global debate on how much freedom parents should give their children. Some parenting experts are of the view of restricting childrens freedom while others support unlimited freedom for children. Experts supporting the freedom to children argue that the children can make their personal life decisions. The individuals against childrens freedom claim that children indulge in bad behavior when given unlimited freedom.

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In my opinion, I agree that parents should give unlimited freedom to their children. Children with unrestricted freedom mean that they have an opportunity to decide their destiny instead of parents making the decision on their behalf. It is essential for children to develop social and decision-making skills that are vital in their future life. Freedom makes it easy for children to adopt the social skills that help them become independent in the future. Freedom enables the child to learn independence at a young age and gradually transforms into an independent adult in the future. A child with freedom of movement has an opportunity of even acquiring environmental knowledge which is important in learning what surrounds him (Antonella Rissotto 66).

Secondly, nobody was born to live alone in the world. Every person needs friends who can offer support during their lifetime. Unlimited freedom enables them to have an opportunity to choose their friends. It is hard to teach a child how to make friends. He/she is the only one to choose his/her friends. A child cannot develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills with restrictions of socializing with others. Freedom allows children interact with one another and develop a friendship. The association gives them an opportunity to learn from each other and the community as a whole something they may not learn from the parents.

Freedom allows children participate in both studies and co-curricular activities whereas excelling in both. The freedom enables the kids to choose their exciting activities that fulfill their desire. Therefore, they become well organized and focused keeping in mind the things they want to achieve in future. They can even choose their extra activity as a life career in future. Restricted freedom means a child can only participate in activities permitted by their parents. Therefore, the child may undertake activities that he/she does not enjoy at all. I believe everyone should be involved in activities that are enjoying and fulfilling to ones life.

Nowadays, parents do not trust children, and some take action of controlling kids activities and life. The net result has been increased levels of stress and anxiety among many children (Skenazy 98). Stress is very detrimental to a kid since it leads to vandalism and crime. The probability of incarceration or death is very high for a criminal. Therefore, the child may not get an opportunity to achieve his/her dream. Children should have freedom so as to learn how to manage their lives. Furthermore, everyone is the author of his/her destiny.

In a nutshell, I would encourage all parents to give freedom to their children. They will be able to see the fruits of the liberty in future. A child with freedom decides his/her destiny and end up being successful in life. The success enables them to give back to the parents and society as a whole. Therefore, there is progress and development in the society. Restricted freedom will only lead to a failure of a childs life hence shuttering his/her dreams and the societies suffer too.

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