Essay Sample: Affidavit for Search Warrant

Published: 2019-11-06
Essay Sample: Affidavit for Search Warrant
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On Thursday 23 the year 2015, investigator John Kerry, being first sworn, upon oath deposes and state that:

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1) I have been employed as a sworn agent of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I am authorized to investigate a violation of laws of the United States of America and also given the power to execute a warrant issued by the state. In the affidavit, it is the violation of children right by engaging them in explicit sex by adults as per the article 18 U.S.C.

2) I am here to investigate the activities of Elizabeth Maory of possessing video files of children below the age of 18 years engaging in group sex with adults. She was seen watching the videos on her home laptop, Hp / 452h/ 234345. I am presenting this affidavit following the provision of a search warrant authorizing a search of the house, located at Fayetteville Village, Landmark 40678. I am, therefore, requesting authority to conduct a search the whole premise, including the home, compound, computers, and every electronic gadget within the suspected premise.

3) These will help in finding every little evidence of crime conducted within the premise. It is alleged that Elizabeth might have transferred video links or file from her computer to other electronic storage devices that can be found on the premises during the search. The evidence will be videos or pictures of young girls engaging in sex with adults that are a violation of the Article 18 U.S.C. The case can be referred to as child pornography that is a breach of the law.

4) Any video, film, image or photographs of children presented in a sexual manner will be treated as evidence of a crime. Whether the images, videos, films or pictures are produced locally or received from other sources, it is still a violation of the law. It is only through search warrant that evidence can be retrieved from the premise.

Witness Statement Report



NAME OF WITNESS: Catherine Campbell, DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd April 1989

ADDRESS: Fayetteville Village, Landmark 40679, TOWN: Wilmington STATE: Delaware TELEPHONE: (HOME):+6245687 (WORK):+6005667

DATE/ TIME OF STATEMENT: Tuesday 21st, 2015.

TYPE OF CRIME: Violation of Childrens right CASE NUMBER: 22456



An individual is guilty of any form of the public report if he/she knowingly provide or causes to receive false information to any law enforcement officer with the aim of encouraging such officer to believe that an offence had been committed or that a different has committed a crime, having a knowledge of the information to be false. False public testimony is a class D felony and on conviction, therefore, shall be condemned a fine not more than $500 or by incarceration of set limited period of less than one year.

Miss. Catherine Campbell witnessed Miss. Elizabeth, watching pornographic videos of children below the age of 18 years whom she was familiar with. The fitness testified that some of the children she saw in the video show in Elizabeths Hp Laptop come from the neighborhoods.

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