Essay Sample: Business Ethics of Company

Published: 2019-09-24
Essay Sample: Business Ethics of Company
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I appreciate your pointing out of your bad experience with one of my employees. Am sorry also to learn that you had to go through all that from my company. I am grateful you had to bring to my attention the unfortunate circumstance. However, I will highly appreciate if you get to understand the whole mixed up situation that was done by the employee. I really understood you and decided to resolve the issue. Our company is obliged to elaborate on the situation in the manner that will bring you satisfaction and give reasons why you should continue being our loyal customer.

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I consulted with our manager in the department for shipping after I received your letter on May 22 which I carefully read through. It was clear that the employee did not comply with the contracts term you had signed with our company. This careless mistake was made rather not intentionally. You were correct in your statements about the orders we sent to you. Indeed, it was not correctly filled prompting an immediate response towards the situation. I highly regretted this error which I assure you will not occur again.

Additionally, due to the business ethics of our company, we had to deal seriously with the employee who served you that day. The employees in our company are obliged to remain trustworthy to our customers but this failed to be observed by the one who was at your service that particular day. The action was taken towards the employee for bad conduct towards a customer by putting him on probation. Subsequently, all the companys employees became more serious with their jobs to deliver the best after they saw the measures taken towards one of them. I sure this issue will never recur.

However, I took your response positively because it was clear evidence that our company must be well known with its good services. It was a good alert to the company as we rectified and as a result am glad to inform you we increased our rates of services. We remained the top at delivering the best appliances in the ranking that was conducted last week. My staff members were also recommended for good work and I think we could still work together with such remarks which suit the urge to deliver to our customers needs.

You may as well be interested to discover that our company got a chance to develop a certain business link that helped in the marketing sector. Our company developed a new interface for the advertiser. This could assist you in your business when you continue purchasing goods from us for we will have to showcase, various clients, we attend to and as a result, you have the advantage to get publicity. The advertising interface also offered our business directors a powerful advertising experience and we planned to have a better interface rolled just after a period of six months in order to maintain a good competitive environment for other companies in the market which sell similar goods with ours. Please dont hesitate to communicate to us if we can assist you in regard to the new project. Our company obtained a direct call number which is 2222. This was to assist our customers reach us within a short period of time but you can still use the channel you prefer to give us any feedback you may want us to have.

In addition, our company was in a position to label your appliances order. Our company as always had to fulfill its strict standards to cater for the quality control of all its goods. I carefully examined all the operations as they took place and ensured all the labelling process was actually done in the right way in order for you and our other customers to identify our quality approved products from others in the market. We enforced and have always enforced these procedures that are stringent in order to ensure that our customer enjoys high-quality products. Each appliance had to go through thorough checking before labelling and you will agree with me after getting your complete order in less than a week.

Lastly, it was a pleasure to conclude in a meeting with all my employees that you get a compensation after we filled your order as you had signed with the company. I was very happy to discover that we had so much business transactions with you and hence should maintain the good relationship we had earlier. Your loyalty towards our company, will not be taken for granted. You thrilled me to giving you a ten percent discount for every a hundred items purchased. I also did not charge you for the packaging services as other companies do. This was a policy of my company which I use to honor all my customers. Additionally, the fee for transportation of the ordered goods was not charged for it was not your mistake.

AAA Company is ready to deal with all its customers satisfactions and give the best services and hence, you should feel free to communicate to us at any time you need our concern. All the companys employees are in a position to relate well with all our customers and most importantly deliver credible services as they are skilled and qualified. The services offered by our company are unique and heartily given hence being able to maintain a large number of clients over a long period of time.

In conclusion, I acknowledge your great patience towards the company to correct your order. You did not rush us and gave us maximum time to make sure we process and transmit the remaining goods without asking for compensations. I really hope that you continue partnering with our company. My employees and I have good intentions towards all its customers. We aim at providing the best. Our company will be delighted to know that you enjoy every single thing about us. The order is in transit and in a weeks time, you will be able to get the goods. All the insurance process was catered for and as we had earlier agreed due to traffic regulations. I also thank you for having made the decision to purchase goods from our company. Your good will towards the company was highly appreciated.

I look forward to a positive response regarding the solutions made.

Yours sincerely,

Mac Harradine.

The Managing Director.

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