Personal Identity and Values Essay Example

Published: 2022-06-15
Personal Identity and Values Essay Example
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The global society constitutes of diverse cultures that make people unique. However, I appreciate being an American attribute to its distinct history and traditions. As an American, I am obliged to adhere to and preserve the traditions of the United States, which includes religion, language, history, and food among other things. What we believe in as Americans, which determines our social behaviors, makes the United States be categorized as one of the culturally diverse nations of the world. Furthermore, almost every region of the world has been influenced by American culture. However, the culture of the U.S. has been enhanced by the diverse culture like those of Latin and Native Americans, Asians, and Africans. Additionally, it would be justifiable to refer to the U.S. as a melting point where multiple cultures contribute to the development of the American culture. Individually, I find the various cultures of America to be critical since they shape my personality and daily life, some of which include religion, historical events, social organizations, and language.

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Nearly every state in America identifies with similar religions attribute to the freedom of worship. However, a significant percentage of Americans are Christians, I included, with the rest practicing Islamic, Judaism and other minor religions. Christians are ever called upon to spread the word of God, which plays a critical role in developing a spiritual society. They understand mission work as the preservation of Christ's Lordship, which includes the Church. The second coming of Christ is depicted through transforming sinful souls that culminates to the birth, death, and resurrection of the Messiah, which are celebrated on Christmas and Easter. Furthermore, the Christian doctrine has oriented Christians not to see the ministry of God temporarily or geographically based but as a universal mission that ought to be spread to all regardless of their faith. Emphasis is put on holiness, where everyone is taught to develop their spiritual beings, which is critical in helping them transform their lives. The spiritual process has helped me acquire inner peace, which is vital in encouraging people to help individuals who are facing diverse challenges. Prayer is a powerful tool used by Christians that help them acquire their inner peace. It holds a dominant place in the daily life of a Christian and has from time been used to help believers grow confidence to spread the gospel even further. Through prayer, Christians have been taught to be compassionate to the needy, which is a selfless character that proves God's love.

Important Historical Events

Besides my religion, I also acknowledge some important elements of the U.S. history. Some of these incidents include the technological advancements, the Orlando Shooting, and the September 11, 2001 attack. The Orlando shooting is critical to anyone aspiring to be a loyal U.S. citizen. The mass shooting that happened on June 12, 2016, witnessed 49 people losing their lives with others succumbing to serious injuries (Ellis et al.). The incident took place at the Orlando's Pulse nightclub and majorly targeted the Latinos who constituted of a significant percentage of those killed. From the shooting, I learned the significant role played by ethnic and racial variations in the American society, which is critical in establishing a peaceful society. Besides, the incident has witnessed security in the U.S. being fastened to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Just like the Orlando shooting, September 11, 2001, attack is a notable event in the U.S. history and is equally important to me. The terror attack has shaped the lives of most Americans regardless of their race, gender, or political and religious affiliation. Thus, the homeland security department is purposed to develop even more links with various organizations both locally and internationally to fasten the security of the state. Finally, I also acknowledge the various technological advancements that have been witnessed in America since its birth. Regardless of my generation's innovativeness, the past generations have played a critical role in transforming America into what it is today. Advancements have promoted these creativities in the state's economy throughout the years.

Personal Values

Individually, I associate with various values that I have been taught from childhood. I, therefore, acknowledge the role-played by both my parents, peers and the general society in helping me shape my personality. Through them, I have been able to preserve and adhere to the social beliefs and practices as well as valuing family, which is our primary source of socialization. My family has taught me the important aspect regards spiritual faith, obedience to the law and identifying only with individuals and activities that help me grow. Besides, the food, ceremonies and American Art that I have been oriented to preserves since childhood have been insightful in helping me become a great person. I have learned that intercultural communication is important for the diverse American cultures since they develop an individual's capacity to relate peacefully. Factoring that difference will always exist in our lives means that we have to adjust our behaviors to reach a mutual consensus with other parties, which enhances a harmonious state. Besides honoring and preserving important holidays like Christmas day means a lot to most Americans. Christmas is mostly celebrated in various gatherings including sharing gifts with loved ones.

Social Organization

Although individual situations are unique, family and college life play a critical part in helping us shape our being. As a college student in America, I encounter various experiences on a daily basis that help me form a different outlook of the world. These experiences are, however, enhanced by the technological advancements that touch on each aspect of school life, work, home, and social groups. Factoring my life on campus, I encounter various challenges and opportunities that pose different implications for my general wellbeing, and my ability to find my way through is what helps me grow on a daily basis. First, I acknowledge my social group, which plays an integral part in helping me develop useful socialization skills. Interacting with diverse personalities is a challenge of its own and the only way we can manage both at school, work and home are by associating with individuals who help us appreciate the different cultures. Establishing different connections on a daily basis including holding meaningful conversation and activities is my aspiration as a student. Additionally, amid the many confusions and pressure, I am obliged to focus on my study major, which requires me to engage only in activities that are self-enhancing and those that benefit my career growth. Furthermore, I have to work with the idea that my major does not define my future success, which is a concept that most learners find it challenging to incorporate into their daily routines and students. Finally, coping with academic costs on a daily basis is challenging and requires one to remain even more focused. Thus, most students find themselves borrowing money from various sources to run their various activities or even maintain their high-end lifestyles. Having to mix academic and social life not only interferes with my academic performance but also other students' goals.


Language is also a critical aspect in forming effective social ties. However, different settings require the application of different communication mechanisms. Although English is the primary language used by most Americans in multiple settings, the languages used in the distinct settings vary a great deal (Wolfram et al. 59). Thus, how I communicate in informal occasions is different from the language I use while attending important meetings. Mostly, I use formal language when having conversations with important personalities, when attending business meetings, or even during lectures. However, the language I use while with my peers or at home is informal, which allows me to interact with diverse personalities who do not speak or understand English. Furthermore, America has no official language since it is common to find languages like Chinese, Spanish, Germans, or even French being spoken in different settings. Even more, states like Hawaii prefer to use Hawaii and English languages, which subjects one to learn different communications methods if they are to get along with diverse personalities.

Overall, culture forms a unique element of any society. As an American, I appreciate the unique culture preserved by Americans, which has played a significant role in shaping my personality. Peaceful coexistence implies that we can initiate developmental activities that benefit all. Understanding both personal and social values and goals including my nation's historical events have helped me develop the capacity to works or associate with individuals across all cultures, which is critical not only for me but everyone. I, therefore, believe that it is vital to recognize and understand the differences existing in the global societies if meaningful relations are to be established and maintained.

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