Free Essay Dedicated to David Ige, Hawaii's Governor

Published: 2022-03-25
Free Essay Dedicated to David Ige, Hawaii's Governor
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David Ige is a politician in the USA. He is the current Governor of Hawaii since the year 2014. Most people know David as a politician only. His history and past are interesting due to the reason that most of the Americans and Hawaii residents, in particular, are not informed about his past and early childhood life. He has ventured into various aspects of life. Through the ventures, he has grown with experience and knowledge. He has lived a bit secretive life from his childhood. There are very few individuals in this state who know how he has grown to become the person he is today. He finds it very interesting to narrate his story (Naylor & Emerald, Pg.3).

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David was born and brought up in Pearl City in Hawaii. He is the fifth born in a family of six sons. His parents are Tsurue Ige and Tokio. Both parents are of Okinawan descent. David's father, Tokio, was a servant in the hundredth Battalion during World War II. He won the Bronze Star and Purple Heart award. After the world war, Tokio worked on construction projects as a steelworker. David's mother was working as a dental hygienist and a nurse. His father passed off in the year 2005 with eighty-six years of age. Tsurue is now retired. She lives in Pearl City. Both his parents have been very supportive, and he credits his success in life to their efforts.

David attained his civic education in public schools around Pearl City. The schools were Pearl City High School, Highlands Intermediate School, and Pearl City Elementary School. He was also a participant in community sports. At the age of eight years, he began his race of games by playing in the Little League of Pearl City. He was excellent in many activities at the Pearl City High School which is newly built. He was elected as the vice president of the student body during his junior year. In the following year, David was serving as senior president of his class. David also led his team of tennis to a championship. He was given honor for being the best Scholar-Athlete. During his graduation in the year 1975, he was in the fifth position in a class of over five hundred students.

Before getting into politics, David had ventured into the engineering career. Although he was accepted into Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he gained his degree as an electrical engineer at Manoa at the University of Hawaii. As a student at the university, he served as an officer in various societies as well as vice-president and treasurer of Phi Delta Sigma. He also served as secretary of the student body. He met Dawn, his wife, at the University of Hawaii (UH). He had three children with her: Amy, Matthew, and Lauren. After college, David worked for GTE Hawaiian Tel. While working, he took courses in decisions sciences at UH where he earned a Master of Business Administration. Before being voted as Hawaii's governor, David was a project manager and engineer at Pihana Pacific.

After all the stages mentioned above about his life, David became a politician, his current career. In 1985, he was appointed to the House of Representatives. Afterward, from the year 1995 through 2015, he was in the State Senate of Hawaii. In the time of his legislative career, David served as the chairperson of different committees. As a legislator, he majored on the policy of information and telecommunications. He led in launching initiatives of software development, technology transfer plans, venture capital and seed capital programs. David participated in the authoring of Act of Information and Telecommunications industries of Hawaii. The Act started the Network Corporation of Hawaii and information network of the state. Also, he has played a major role in diversifying the economy of Hawaii.

In 2012, David defeated Mike Greco to the State Senate of Hawaii. David met Mike as the first challenger in a general election in over ten years. Later in 2014, David campaigned for the seat of Hawaii Governor. He was running against Neil Abercrombie who was the incumbent. He defeated Neil making him the first candidate to win in a primary election against an incumbent Governor of Hawaii. David went further and won the general election against Independent and Republican candidates. In December 2014, David became eighth Hawaii's Governor after being sworn in on 1 December 2014 (Naylor & Emerald, Pg.3).

In conclusion, David Iger's life has been straightforward since childhood. His success of today was evident even during his childhood stages of life. He has achieved some extraordinary honors. He remains a celebrity of his community. He is the second man of Japanese descent to be voted as the Governor of Hawaii. The first one was George Ariyoshi. He was also the first one from the origin of Okinawan to be a voted governor in a state of United States of America. During his reign as the governor of Hawaii, a list of political and economic issues affected Hawaii; he declared a state of emergency, high rate of homeless people and a false alert about an incoming missile on January 13, 2018.

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