Free Essay Analyzing the Relation between Art and Power

Published: 2022-11-22
Free Essay Analyzing the Relation between Art and Power
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Today, amongst the greatest challenges is that people have been feeling untouched by issues of others and global issues, such as climate change, though they can easily be involved to assist. If people cannot access information, they are likely to feel disconnected and overwhelmed and not empowered. For this reason, art is important since it makes a difference. Art is not responsible for showing people what they ought to do, yet you can connect to your senses, mind, and body because of the good work of art.

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In my discipline, there are specialized arts and culture institutions. Such institutions are meant for preserving, promoting, interpreting, and documentation of culture and art (Hoogwaerts 1).These is a nonprofit institution or public within the states that engage in cultural and art enrichment of the states.

When it comes to what way does gender plays a part in how professionals create artistic works in a discipline, gender is assumed to be of great significance in the art classroom. In art, gender presentation is assumed to be the outcome of how culture defines social and sexual identity. Pictorial art together with literature is being used to express a message through stylization and transformation. Gender has been affecting the way the way most students have been viewing the world as well as what images are in the classroom. Gender role can never be eradicated from the society, though students who have more knowledge can be in a position of attributing the gender of art appropriately when they have more knowledge regarding the cultural and historical, which is important for students, especially when they have clue about the artwork's story (Bloomfield, 50).

Furthermore, it is important to note that masculinity and femininity's perception has been transforming into visual art. Motherhood, female fertility together with gender relationship is common themes in the ancient depictions. Such a female figure's depiction in a conceptual and symbolic context is the representation of feminine fertility. In art, most gender representations in the male-based cultures can only be determined by weakness and power or inferiority and superiority. What is more, there is a way in which gender can be used in artworks to address the social and interactive role of human beings, men and women. In most classical artworks, gender qualities related to men include social status, power, and dominance, and for women, the contrary principles incorporate passivity, domesticity, and beauty (Macnamara 47).

For centuries, in my discipline, institutional power has been exerted in a way that it has been possible to persuade students rather than coercing them through different elements of the hard power, for instance, strong military's threat. Institutional power comprises of various elements, which, when combined appropriately, has been bringing positive effects in artistic work. The institutional power ensures that students work in such a way that culture ought to be kept open for negotiation in terms of political and religious stands. In addition, this power is responsible for analyzing and determining the kind of messages being portrayed by the artistic works to the audience. In other words, it is important when it comes to determining the materials and languages being used to convey a message. This suggests that there are standard rules that have been put in place to control artistic works.

Racial and artwork dialogue cannot come to an end. According to contemporary artists, the issues related to art and race are still being discussed and confronted. Some people confront them through marginalization of black history through re-appropriating the historical African artworks through ensuring that they are more heroic by paying much attention to the skin color. What is more, another contemporary artist can consider using figural as well as narrative silhouette pieces in order to clearly comment on race relations, which existed in the past and those that can be seen today. Regardless of the race, the pieces can be rendered just in black paper, so it becomes easier for the viewers to be in a position of differentiating ethnicity in relation to the skin tone. This clearly shows that racial variations, using stereotypical facial features, can be identified. This is likely to make an individual uncomfortable in addition to questioning the notions regarding different races.

Nevertheless, some artists have been doing their best to confront racism in different perspectives in their artworks. Such artists have gone an extra mile of questioning their clients about their identities. For instance, an artist can decide to speak to his audience directly regarding his race, for instance, his blackness as well as how his acknowledgment of his race has been making his audience feel. Likewise, such an artist can go ahead and explain how the notion that a good number of people, i.e. Americans have been having black ancestry, in addition to how portraying the information can change the emotional feelings of the audience. This clearly shows most artists have contributed to racism in this field.

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