Essay Sample on Creativity and Systematic Innovation Systems in Business

Published: 2019-09-30
Essay Sample on Creativity and Systematic Innovation Systems in Business
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The question behind continuous business growth brings to mind the aspect of creativity in regard to business endeavors. In other words, one would argue that for a business to grow and perform its functions effectively, it is important for the business to be equipped in regards to new system innovation that allow the business to adapt to the ever growing business world. In the recent past, research has shown that technology as an entity is ever growing and ever changing. Any firm that remains static over current technological development is argued to have fewer chances of prospering in the future. Over the decades the world has seen the growth of technology, much innovation has been seen to cover this sector which has not only improved the way of life but also the methods of conducting business.

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During the modern day, different scholars have attempted to develop models that allow businesses to adapt towards the change in technology. By focusing on the behavior of man, thinking traits and customer preferences scholars such as Noraki Kano and Edward de Bono have gone further to establish models that expound on innovation management within businesses. It is important to note that although these models have served the business world by providing good and strategic innovation management, the growth of technology and innovation has provided loopholes that the models have failed to give solutions to.

One would argue that with the ever growing technology it is important to identify key factors that would otherwise facilitate better management of innovation systems and technological growth in the business (M, 2011, p. 46). This paper attempts to expound on creative systems towards the management of the innovations in contrast to the growth of technology within a business. Through research on multiple sources, the paper is expected to provide better solutions towards the management of innovation systems, with consideration to factors such as customer preference, business creativity and managerial thinking of the business.

Research Design

A good research design is highly dependent on the field that the study attempts to explore on. In this study getting to know whether established innovation management programs are effective is important. One would argue that different firms have developed or adapted to different innovation management programs. To check whether these programs are effective questioners would serve a good research design towards the study. Although the questions provided were closed-ended, they provided a basis on which one would acquire feedback from a large number of personnel picked randomly. Under this research design, it would be highly advisable to approach different businesses situated at different demographic regions (Porter, 2006, p. 38). One would argue that this provides a better platform for getting much information in contrast with assessing businesses of a similar demographic region.

An Interview is defined as the process where an interviewer and interviewee engage in a conversation, where the interviewer asks the interviewee questions related to a particular study. An interview offers firsthand experience to the interviewer where the interviewer can ask questions and get answers in return (M, 2011, p. 48). Interviews would provide a good research methodology towards the study, apart from providing the study with quantitative data interviews provide a better approach to understanding the response that different businesses may have towards innovation management programs. It is important to note that interviews will go further to provide the programs that are being used in different businesses. This will allow the study to assess properly the programs that are being used and identify different measures that can be used to improve creativity and innovation systems within the business. On the other hand, interviews will provide a better understanding of the perception of the growth of technology towards different businesses. Collected information will provide an insight into the innovation and adaptation behind the growth of technology by a business in the modern day.

It is important to note that to understand the effect and defects of innovation management programs in business; one should be able to understand the measures employed by a business. Interviews should be conducted with a group of individuals collected from different business belonging to different geographical regions. This will allow the study to cover on different businesses thus allowing more information regarding the management of innovation programs during the modern day business industry.


Just as the behavior of man, the business world is dynamic which reflects ever-changing characteristics. In his book the Art of Creation Koestler defines man to have a certain distinctive nature. The writer develops an approach to creativity and innovation as the process where a man learns to think differently than the normal routine. The writers tend to argue that through dissociative thinking, man can create a different mentality and become creative through new deeds. One of the key technological differences that have affected innovation management within the last decade is the change of business records to access computer files. Due to the growth of technology the modern day has seen the introduction of computers in businesses to store and run business data. This mode of technological change in the business industry has resulted in many firms, adapting to the use of computers to store business information.

Technology is defined as the use of science-based knowledge to meet a certain need. Through research and development man can create new forms that satisfy or make it easier for firms in the business world to effectively provide products and services (Kim, 2014, p. 38). The migration from hardcopy records has not only made it easier for businesses to effectively reach their customers but also made it easier for the customers to access goods and services.

During the recent years the world has witnessed yet another technological difference; the internet. The internet has provided a platform where different business firms can market their goods and services and achieve a global market. Apart from marketing their goods, firms have established online shopping stores where customers can access products and buy them from the click of a button. One would argue that during the modern day customers can shop from the warm of their seats to business firms that may be located across the world. The growth of technology has also triggered the growth of competition within the business industry.

Due to the availability of new forms of technological advancement such as the internet, competition between businesses has increased a notch higher. This has led to a high demand for better innovation management programs for any business that aspires to be successful shortly. The change in technology has left the business industry with new products and the ability to create a new market for different products. On the other hand, on would argue that the growth in technology has influenced reduced production costs in different firms, where different firms can cut cost and achieve higher profits. It is, therefore, important to acknowledge that the growth of technology does not only influence a change in the mode of running the business but in the profits and growth of the business as well.

Developing a favorable innovation management program is very important due to the high competence landscape created by the modern day business world. For businesses to be successful, they must be able to be creative in regards to new products production and service delivery. Based on De Bonos Six Thinking Hats it is easy to relate and identify the different modes of thinking that would facilitate better innovation management. In his theory, De Bono argues that there exist six different thinking patterns, under the six patterns; each symbolized by a hat individuals, can establish different thinking patterns that would otherwise provide different solutions to a situation. This program provides a proper assessment of every situation, by utilizing the six different hats business firms can properly analyze different situations and achieve better management of the innovation system of the business. De Bono uses the six hats to explain the different stages that the business should adapt to, before employing different technological advances in business. From the red hat that points out personal feelings towards the situation to the blue hat that dictates a more observant assessment the six hats of thinking create a good innovation program for any business.

It is important to note that although the six thinking hats model provides a solution for proper situation assessment, the growth of technology tends to affect the external environment of business. One would argue that during the recent past the six thinking hats model has proved disadvantageous because of its focus on the internal environment of business. During the modern day, innovation management has gone further to be characterized by research for new methods and products. This has been reflected by changes in consumer patterns and an increase of competitors in the business industry. It is, therefore, important to note that despite the contribution of the six thinking hats model in understanding innovation management, businesses in the modern day require a more comprehensive and dynamic approach to innovation management within businesses.

One would argue that De Bonos six hats of Thinking demand an improvement in the mode of addressing technological advancements that lead to an effect on the external environment of the company. Due to the growth of technology, this model provides a loophole since it only addresses the mode of thinking. It is important to note that modern day businesses are characterized by a large connection of individuals, where individuals will work together to achieve certain projects that require creativity. Due to advancement in technology the process of conducting business has changed, thereby it is difficult for the innovation model to satisfy the business requirement in contrast to decades ago.

Better business relations and team player skills are other qualities that would facilitate for better innovation programs within a business. On the other hand technology advancement has brought changes in the functioning and perception of different businesses. This requires new measures of adaptation by businesses which have not been provided by the old innovation management models. Creativity and growth is an important aspect in todays world. Apart from the business industry the world has witnessed the growth and change of mans ways of living.

Due to the growth of technology, the way of living has been different that it was earlier perceived; thereby it is important to understand the weight of change as well as the weight of identifying innovation management programs in business firms. Edward De Bono argues that the brain remains unchanged, but rather changing the modes of thinking may result to new thoughts and new ways of conducting things. One cannot overlook the length to which this model offers to innovation management. One would argue that the business will focus on identifying greater ways of thinking, in an attempt to reach greater heights (Porter, 2006, p. 40).

However the growth of technology has defined new ways of thinking and new ways of life in the modern day. This goes against the model where the old mode of thinking may prove insufficient. One would argue that De Bonos six hats of thinking model provides a model that would facilitate for a better internal environment, as well as better product prod...

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