Free Essay about the "Fire in the Hole" Documentary

Published: 2022-10-13
Free Essay about the "Fire in the Hole" Documentary
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The ownership of the mining industries is a question of concern issued by the documentaries of the Western conflicts. The relationships displayed between the Mine owners and their workers disheartens the viewers of the film. It is the role of industry owners to provide security and good working environments. However, in the documentary the attitudes of mine owners in response to their employees are negative. In fact, the bonds between the employees and the mine owners in the mining industries contributed to the foundation of the Western conflict. The reaction of the paper towards the relationships of the mine owners takes a different approach of analysis. Essentially, it is the role of employers to pay workers in the right time provided the task assigned is completed. Expecting profits from investments without employee motivation is a dream among investors. Productivity is connected to good employee-employer relationships. The Western conflict in the mining industries was impacted by the facts behind the mine owners. According to Spykman (413-417), "using immigrants as workers and blackmailing them resulted in the onset of the war." Controlling the reactions from the workers and my owners became difficult as a result of the ego and misconduct subjected to miners by the mine owner. Greed for wealth and selfishness enhanced the mine owners to deny miners salaries and commissions meant to be theirs. The idea of sending of sending off workers from the industries without pays was a misleading decision developed by mine owners. From the experiences in the film "Fire in the hole" the reaction of appreciating workers is avoided. The causes of the Western U.S conflict began from the behaviors and responses of mine owners at the expense of workers. The war was controllable if by any chance the mine owners would accept their ambiguous ways of handling workers and promising to correct the problem. Otherwise, the war would still exist with the kind of mindset hosted by the mine workers.

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In conclusion, the conflict between different parties in the Western United States was dependent on several environmental factors. The "fire in the hole" documentary film provides information relevant to the causes and effects of the mining industry conflict. The video issues the procedural occurrence of events with regard to the Western conflict. The information showcased in the movie guides readers in having foundational information about the relationships between different parties. The documentary is appreciated through the skills of descriptions of events. The paper uses four parties in identifying the relationships involved in ye conflict after which a reaction was developed. The reactions of the documentary are meant to assist readers and historians understand the bonds between the national government, mine owners, immigrants and mining union bodies. The roles of each party in the documentary are discussed in details.

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