Nutrition Diary Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-11
Nutrition Diary Essay Example
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Day 1: 26/02/2018

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On the first day, I took my breakfast at 8 am. I had two cups of skimmed milk with one and a half cups of shredded wheat, two spoonsful of sugar, and a large banana. I then ate a Lunchbar chocolate weighing 150 grams at 10 am and a small apple at 11 am.

At 1 pm, I ate lunch, which was three large slices of chicken pizza (7 oz) and a can of diet coke (15 oz). In the evening, I took two pieces of fried chicken (6 oz), a piece of low-fat string cheese a cup of plain rice, a cup of iced tea and half a cup of broccoli. Before going to bed, I took a cup of cold yogurt (7 oz) at 9.40 pm.

Day 2: 27/2/2018

On the second day, my breakfast came at 8 am as usual. It was a cup of coffee with a tablespoonful of cream and two tablespoonful of sugar with two slices of whole grain bread. At noon, I took grilled turkey (2 oz) with a cup of rice, a tablespoonful of mayo, and a tablespoonful of margarine without salt; and at 3 pm, I took two medium cupcakes.

In the evening, I took two slices of white bread and a hamburger, one patty of beef BBQ, two slices of raw red onion, and four slices of raw tomato and a leaf of Iceberg lettuce at 9 pm. I ended the day with a cup of fresh mango juice at 10 pm.

Day 3: 28/2/2018

On day 3, I worked out till late, so I had breakfast at 9 am. It was a cup of coffee with one tablespoonful of non-dairy cream, and two spoonsful of sugar. I took the coffee with two fried eggs and two pieces of white bread with a spoonful of margarine and spoonful of jam. I had my next meal at 11 am, when I took 300 milliliters of Coke zero (15 oz) and six medium-sized biscuits.

I took a serving of boiled beef (5 oz) and a cup of brown rice and two spoonsful of veggies for lunch at 1 pm. I then had one medium-sized banana and a small apple. At 3 pm, I took a cup of vanilla yogurt and one medium biscuit.

My dinner came at 9 pm, and it was comprised of 3 slices of beef pizza, a vegetable salad with one leaf of lettuce, red cabbages, and carrots. I took two cups of ice cream at 10 pm, and an apple then went to sleep.

Day 4: 2/3/2018

On the fourth day that I recorded in my food diary, I took my breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning. The breakfast consisted of one cup of coffee with two and a half tablespoonful of dairy creamer, half a cup of fresh cup mango juice, one toast (two slices) of wholegrain bread with one tablespoon of peanut, and one scrambled egg with pepper and salt. At 10 am, I took 250 ml of yogurt, which was about 7 oz.

For lunch, I took a 300 milliliter bottle of diet coke, (about 15 oz), a plate of potato chips about (250 grams), and a sandwich with bread, two pieces of chicken (6 oz), mayonnaise, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and Italian cheese. The sandwich measured about seven inches high. I ate the lunch at 1 pm.

I had dinner at 7 pm, and it consisted of fried beef (5 oz), three tablespoonsful of baked potato, as well as a cup of salad made of cabbage, carrots, and greens. I took light supper because I had taken a medium-sized pear measuring approximately 5 inches at 5 pm. My supper was a cup of plain rice and a few pieces of beef stew. I also had one handful of fresh plums and half a cup of strawberry ice cream at 9 pm before I went to sleep.

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