Paper Example. Foreign Currency Swaps

Published: 2023-07-24
Paper Example. Foreign Currency Swaps
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It is undoubtedly evident that the concept of foreign currency has turned out to be very imperative, particularly in the fiscal sectors. The majority of organizations are now majoring in their focus on this fundamental concept. Correctly, this particular paper will depict how Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd has utilized the hedging technique of swaps in its financial operations.

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Individually, the concept of swapping or instead utilizing the swap contracts is typically considered to be a form of imitative security. In essence, it is a treaty to exchange fiscal assets at a rate that happens to be fixed with the price. Indeed, swaps are agreements involving two parties that generally exchange currency at a preliminary instant. Consequently, they habitually send back some little quantities as interest and ultimately yield the preliminary quantity (Manzou et al., 2019). In this context, the hedging method of swaps considered by Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd place involved international operations and commercial institutions. In the procedures of utilizing the swaps, the organization does not trail a predefined pricing model for the primary rationale the contract happened to be tailored.

The organization Virgin Australia Holdings has agreed continuously on the rates of exchange on the basis of the market. Besides, they also define rates of interest based on what every currency would gross locally at a financial institution such as a bank. The rates of exchange of the preliminary swap endure for the contractual duration. Conversely, there happen to be numerous likelihoods regarding the rates of interest that the airline company has encountered. They include the following:

  • Agreement on fixed rates of interest by both parties or
  • Both parties utilize the floating rates of interest.

Cross Currency Swaps

In essence, over the past three years, Virgin Australia Holdings has utilized the cross-currency swaps technique as an over-the-counter imitative in a procedure of a treaty that the organization and another party that exchange interest expenditures and principal denominated in dissimilar currencies (Burgess, 2018).

Besides, the organization exchanges the payments of interest and principal in a lone currency for principal and payments of interest in a dissimilar coinage. Virgin Australia Holdings ensures that the payments of interest are exchanged at immovable intervals for the duration of the agreement.

Currency Swaps

Specifically, the airline company utilizes these derivative tools often on the average to long term terms with worldwide investors, financial institutions, and multifaceted companies, among others (Borio et al., 2016). The primary rationale is to hedge against contrary to currency shifting and to diminish borrowing expenses successfully.

Current Interest Rate Swaps

Eventually, the utilization of the current interest rate swap helps the organization in the conversion of interest on a variable loan rate to a fixed cost. Indeed, this is realized with the aid of an exchange of payments of interest involving the borrower and the lender (Jermann & Yue, 2018). Remarkably, with this particular method of hedging, the payment of the variable rate interest is undertaken monthly.


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