Apple Industry Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-25
Apple Industry Essay Example
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Apples are still in great supply even though the demand for them has increased greatly. In this case, it takes a lot of activities to ensure that apples appear on the plates or even the places of distribution to consumers. The first apples were wild and grew around the central Asian range. This was the tian shian mountain ranges. Part-time farmers did most of the operations regarding apples.

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Are present many techniques have come into play as regards science and technology. The production of apples has become more expensive as a result. At present,, the finances for apple production can be very high particularly due to the method chosen or very low. The production can either be commercial or subsistence. In this case a commercial production will require more investment wherein more funds will go towards ensuring higher yields from the day the apples are planted until they reach the consumer. Other factors to consider while looking at the cost include the land needed, tree height, and the equipment to be purchased. In other agricultural activities are in place equipment can be sourced to help in the production and therefore only a few implements will be required. Science has brought about changes in the way plants are handled particularly through genetic engineering where seeds are modified to improve their resistance towards common diseases that normally affect them. Pennsylvania, for example, has many orchids covering thousands of acres. The vast lands harboring the apples and the respective farms need a lot of labor particularly in fruit thinning, application of pesticides and mowing. Through science methods of tending to apples have improved greatly consequently increasing the apple production. The Commonwealth further produces apples and most of the countries in this regard still tail the developed nations which mostly use improved methods in apple farming. The science associated with apple growing is pogomoly. The United produces different types of apples that total to 2500. The colors in this case are mostly in yellow, green and red. They are grown in all the states in the United States of America. Land preparation has improved greatly due to research on different scientific ways of improving yields. The land in the case is prepared as a normal growing of other crops. The harrow and disk in the case are used to level the soil. The leveling helps to reduce any puddles in the event of rainfall. Various tests have been put in place to ensure that the soil is tested for its fertility. Nematode survey is further done to ensure that the crop grows free of pests that may cause detrimental destruction to the crop. The nematodes mostly attack the rood of the trees leading to stunted growth or killing them altogether. More tests are done on the soil to determine the organic matter present in the soil together with the different nutrients. Such tests further determine whether application of fertilizers should be done before growing of the apples. Science has further brought about grafting that is highly beneficial to apple growing. At present there are nurseries where the trees have to be purchased if one expects better yields. The rootstocks are mostly used in the planting of apples by farmers. They produce fruit earlier than the trees which are grown. The different production practices consume more money and thus the produce become more expensive particularly if there are shortages.

Technological changes have brought about various aspects of the production process which further require more investment in equipment particularly in the carrying of tests. Since more pesticides are used and in some cases changes in the plant structure people may shun away from such plans. Those living in food deserts mostly depend on supermarkets which mostly sell the fruits. Disease such as fire blight has caused a lot of losses to apple farmers. Fire blight is caused by a bacteria and mostly ravages through hundred of acres particularly if the orchids are close to another. Michigan lost a lot of plants to the disease together within the year 2000. Technology in the apple industry comes through the use of the genetic modification of the plants.

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