Personal Essay Example: My Current Goals

Published: 2019-12-10
Personal Essay Example: My Current Goals
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Goals are a noticeable and quantifiable result, having one or more objectives to be accomplished within a more or less fixed timeframe. For one to achieve the aims there must be a goal-setting which will aid in working hard towards the achievement. Thus, goal setting is the process of identifying something you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes. Moreover, there are two types of goals one would require to achieve in life. They include the long-term and short- term goals. The long-term objectives involve the goals which are intended to be work for an extended period of time for their accomplishment.

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On the other hand, short-term goals are anticipated to be achieved within a short period. For instance, some goals such as completing an internship or joining a human resource related student organization to aid in achieving long-term goals are intended to be termed as short-term. Significantly, long-term goals might include obtaining a full- time position in human resource organization after graduating from the University. Planning goals are one critical step towards the development of a career. Moreover, one does not wake up one day and decide that this is what they want to achieve without considering the ways and means of accomplishing them without hindrances on their way.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan on the goals one would like to acquire in life for them to be effective. Thus, the discussed will be the long-term and short- term goals I would do to achieve in my life. To begin with will be the short term goals. They will be addressed by all the aspects of the SMART model. It starts with the definition of the initials S which means being specific on the goal you want to acquire. My short- term goals are driven by the ambition to become a human resource manager in the future. Thus, my objective is very accurate, and it includes getting an internship in a human resource related student organization. Second is the initial M which stands for measurable.

In exploring the short-term goals, I have to ensure that my aim will be achieved and be acquainted on how to attain it. The third initial is the A which stands for action oriented. It will include the steps that I will take in getting the internship. For instance, applying for the internship positions in different companies. The fourth is the letter R which means realistic. In this case, my goal in acquiring the intern position is relevant in that it will aid me in getting the human resource manager skills which I will use them when I become a Human Resource Manager.

Lastly, is the letter T which stands for a time-based. It will include the exact timeframe am going to begin and end in the internship program. Thus, when I get the internship position, am going to work for three months and get equipped with the human resource management skills. On the other hand, as discussed earlier my long term goal is becoming a human resource manager in a well- recognized organization. The objective seems to be achieved since there is this urge to attain an internship and get familiarized with the industry. The steps taken to reach this aim is interacting with the human resource managers from various companies and discussing with them on ways to become an excellent and efficient manager. Thus, my goal achievement will lead me to become a prospectus human resource manager in future.

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