Free Essay: Aristotle's Elements of Drama in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Published: 2022-06-02
Free Essay: Aristotle's Elements of Drama in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie
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Aristotle's Elements of Drama

'Guardians of the Galaxy' is a superhero movie written and directed by James Gunn. It was released in 2014 and it is based on Marvel Comics superhero distributed by Walt Disney. The movie utilizes Aristotle's elements of drama such as plot, character, thought, language, music, and spectacle. These elements allow for the development of a movie with meaning and the objective. The director did a successful work by creating a credible and astonishing plot where the misfits save the galaxy by remain in a space war. The paper will describe the six Aristotle elements of drama used in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

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The plot is the arrangement of incidents and events in theoretical works. 'Guardian of the galaxy' plot demonstrates well-defined problems which the characters must solve. It begins with the main character, Peter Quill who is abducted after his mother's death. The revengers took him in another planet (planet Morag) where he is seen after twenty-six years as an adult. He is searching for an orb in this deadly planet and when he gets it, he ran away to sell it to a broker. Yondu is one of the revengers who abducted him and he demands the orb which makes him wonder what kind of an object it is. On the same time, Ronan sends Gamora to take the orb from Peter as he plans to revenge against the Nova Empire. Drax the Destroyer is a dangerous inmate who attacks Gamora and they all agree to sell the orb. However, on their way to see Ronan, the Raveners attack him and they are taken to Yundo who threatens to kill Peter if he did not hand him over the orb. After the deadly encounter with Ronan, Peter is saved by Groot and Ronan and his people die. Peter gives Yundo a fake orb but he did not notice at that moment. Peter is able to hold the state for a long time because he is half-human half-alien. Peter, Drax, gamora, baby Groot and Rocket saved the galaxy and their criminal records were expunged.

The director uses four main characters in the movie who uses their powers and intelligence to overcome the obstacles as they plan to save the galaxy (Laurel,568). Peter Quill is the main character in the movie and he is the leader of the group of misfits. He is a powerful human being because he is half-alien and half-human. He played a significant role by holding the stone for long which killed Ranon and his people who wanted to destroy the galaxy. Gamora is an alien who lost his parents but now seeks redemption for her sins. She knows all the secrets of Ranon since she was Thanos personal assassin. Drax the destroyer wants to avenge his family who was killed by Ranon and he would do anything to destroy him. Groot is a very strong and dedicated tree-like humanoid and was Rocket accomplice.

'Guardians of the Galaxy'

The director wanted to bring out the themes of family, love, and sacrifice. The five characters risked their lives to save the galaxy. They attacked the most powerful bring, Ranon on another planet to stop him from destroying planet earth. Drax the destroyer loved his family and would do anything to avenge their death. His wife and child were assassinated by Ranon and he wants to fulfill his goal of killing him. Groot is not a human but he sacrificed his life so that the universe can be saved. It was due to his great help that Peter was able to hold the stone for long to kill Ranon.

The characters in the movie 'Guardians of the Galaxy' use language to communicate and depart information. When planning on how they will stop Ranon from destroying the galaxy they communicate with each other and the audiences are aware of their mission and the purpose of the movie. The audiences learn about the characters of the actors when they speak. Language helps the audience to differentiate between a villain and a good person (Laurel, 569). When the characters talk to each other the audiences learn that Ranon and the Ravengers evil plans. On the other hand, they learn that the group of misfit aim is to save the galaxy. It also directs attention as actors discuss what the director wants the audience to pay much attention to know the progress of the movie. Language reveals themes and ideas in the movie. When Drax the destroyer narrate his painful story when his wife and child were killed, the audiences learn the themes of family love and sacrifice. It also establishes mood which keeps on changing in the movie. For instance, when a Drax narrates Gamora narrates their past, they speak in a low voice showing the mood of sadness.

Music was composed by Bates and there were several songs which would be used to reveal the mood of the characters. The director also incorporated old sons such as 'Hooked on a Feeling' which was a tape telling quill to stay connected with home, family, and earth even though he thinks he lost them. The spectacle is everything the audience sees or hears from the movie. These include conversation, actions, costumes, and sets. The movie emphasizes of spectacle to show the audience that the film was made in space. It also shows the role of the actors in the movie since the main character appears often (Laurel, 570).

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