Free Essay: Data Breach Preparation and Response

Published: 2022-11-21
Free Essay: Data Breach Preparation and Response
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The Data Breach Response Policy covers the acceptable use policy, the digital media reuse, and destruction which have to meet the federal guidelines hence ensuring the company assets are protected. Acceptance of the Data Breach Response Policy involves the use of corporate technology while outlining the standards that hold the company personnel while providing safeguards against the violation that may cause vulnerability to the company. The technology type including the laptops, computers and cell phones lie under the scope of the Data Breach Response Policy(Shoemaker, Ulferts, David, &Otten, 2011). As a result, the future technology is incorporated into the company activities hence part of the policy ensures the accepted practice for the devices to be used. Complying with standards in regard to the purification of the data, the storage mediums are maintained. Since data for the Red Clay Renovations contain essential data that if found can lead to the considerable damage of the company's security as well as the client's information, the Data Breach Response Policy is put in place to ensure the safeguarding of the company against the possible loss and the federal violations.

Without the Data Breach Response Policy, the company can violate the laws thus leave to the various lawsuits. As a result, the company has to be equipped with the knowledge to safeguards the company and its assets. Accepting to use the policy will protect the employee as well as the Red Clay Renovations from the potential damages. The policy, therefore, outlines the proper use of the company assets since it allows proper punishment for misusing the technology.

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Shadow IT PolicyShadow IT has become a growing concern for Red Clay Renovations with the need of addressing the integrity and efficiency of enterprise technology. As a result, fragmentation of the information and processes is prevented. The Shadow IT entails the IT systems and solutions outside the financial monitoring system. It creates risks of data loss as well as corruption and inefficiency of the processes that may lead to the fragmentation of information.

The Shadow IT policy is responsible for assessing and monitoring the shadow IT system hence determining the associated risks as well as supporting the services of the Red Clay Renovations. The stability and effectiveness of the company performance are considered through the Shadow IT policy thus ensuring the IT system is aligned to the organizational strategic goals. The policy requires the approval of the relevant staff members for the business section to address the security issues related to the Red Clay Renovations(Pogue, 2016). The potential of the external and reputable damage provides the details on the security appropriateness hence making the system essentials. Since people always think of attempting to remove the damages done, personal information can be leaked through other people. Therefore, the Shadow IT policy is essential in ensuring that the errors of the Red Clay Renovations are not exposed hence protecting the company and the IT system altogether.

Understanding the risks and accepting the mitigation of others, the IT system risks associated with digital footprints and cyberbullying. Also, it ensures the monitoring of the internet usage thus making sure there is responsible posting based on the online profile that is viewed and the future jobs that one might apply for. The Shadow IT Policy creates a healthy digital footprint which is significant for the Red Clay Renovations since it entails reflection of the company's impression. As a result, the digital footprint is protected thus answering the recovery phrases required by the customers.

Social Media Account policy offers protection to the Red Clay Renovation's reputation and definition role of management while meeting the regulations that apply to the laws and stipulations set. The social media tools are essential for marketing with the company not incurring a cost. The Red Clay Renovations utilizes the social media institutes guidelines that are strong to ensure the information posted on the accounts of the social media does not lead to damage of the company's image and reputation.

To meet the social media account policy, various actions are needed for the actual regulations. The reality of the media services provides the firm with social media services hence making it responsible for applying the security assessments while exposing the vulnerability to the security coding. The Social Media Account policy also encloses the confidentiality of the information to the Red Clay Renovations hence observing the standards for online publishing(Johnson, 2016). The accountability ensures personnel of the company is educated over the security issues with the understanding of the technology growth thus increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Since the age of the internet allows an individual to advertise their services globally, the threats to the network that is growing daily lead to risks that need to be addressed. Social Media Account policy, therefore, ensures that successful attacks on the networks that may lead to disastrous consequences such as legal action and possible damage to the Red Clay Renovations are addressed.

Addressing Security Issues Using Standard TerminologyThe obligations to protect the company against cyber threats is managed through the policies which ensure confidentiality, integrity as well as availability for taking the corporate data under consideration. As a result, confidentiality ensures that sensitive data is kept out of the wrong hands such as hackers and other unauthorized individuals. The human resource documents are also taken care of with the use of the policy insuring that sensitive data is not leaked. Since business is increasingly moving to embrace the world of cyber and automation, the risks for communicating exposed the stored data. Cybersecurity is a growing concern, the company has to take the responsibility of limiting cyber risks by managing and controlling digital data. Digital data is at risk due to insecure telecommunication as well as a lack of authentication of the stored information.

The cybersecurity policy defines the data handled through the best practice that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, as well as availability of data, is maintained. The mitigation of the major risks classifies the acceptable risks in the creation of a plan for the recovery of the company. Therefore, the insurance of the data also ensures data privacy; liability coverage as well as breach of data hence remediation costs for customer notification and forensic investigations and penalties (He & Yan, 2016). The breach of the data leads to the loss of customers' data hence affecting the business. Through the set policies by Red Clay Renovations, the company is protected from lawsuits that lead to penalties and loss of trust from the public.

The new policies protect the customers and the company from the practices of cybersecurity risks hence better security for the data of the company. The policy also limits the employees from accessing the data through restrictions to unnecessary data. As a result, hacking of the system is prevented since outsiders cannot gain access to the credentials of the company.

In inclusion, the three policies applied to the Red Clay Renovations have resulted in the reduction of security issues. The policies apply to both the workers and the company stakeholders hence reducing the leakage of information to external employees. As a result of the security ensured in the company, there is maintenance and reviewing of the expectations of the firm.


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