Free Essay on How the 70s Influenced Modern America

Published: 2017-08-13
Free Essay on How the 70s Influenced Modern America
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During the 1968 democratic convention, some activists organized a rally that was meant to protest against the system. The people wanted to change how the government operates. They wanted to be involved in the decision-making process such as the invasion of other countries. If the government did not listen, the people were willing to replace them all together and vote in people who would listen to them. The people demonstrating were against the Vietnam War and wanted the government to pull out of Vietnam. However, the city refused to give a license to protest and allowed them on one rally to take place. The crowd did not turn up as expected although the police were enough to control the crowd. More than 500 people were arrested, and much more were injured. The confrontation started at Lincoln Park when the police tried to enforce an evening curfew. Although the protesters were not able to March to the democratic center, their images were captured and played at the convention. The proceeding was disrupted more than what the demonstrators would have done were they able to march to the venue. People said that the whole world was watching and it became a slogan. By saying that the protest were police riots, the commissioner had done a lot of damage to the Democratic Party.

The people were demonstrating and exercising their rights, but they were met by brutality. The demonstration showed the American culture where people stood for what they believe in despite the dangers. The free speech and the right to demonstrate was exercised by civilians when their voices were not heard. People did not agree with the war in Vietnam, and they exercised their displeasure by protesting. The culture has moved on to the 21st century where people have held different demonstrations when they dont agree on an issue. The level of resistance is, however, less than what it was in the 60s and the police and not as violent ("1968 Democratic Convention")

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The 70s was also the height of Vietnam War, people were tired of the war, and they wanted it to end. They employed all tactics in their demonstration from refusing to pay taxes to delay trains carrying military arsenal. The protest was successful as they led to the resignation of President Johnson who said he wouldn't seek reelection. The 1770s was also a year that saw civil rights movements rise and demand blacks be treated like whites. Some of the goals were achieved while others like economic equality were not. As Martin Luther King put it, there is no point of getting people the right to enter a store if they cannot buy anything in the shop. The period also saw a rise in a group of Americans who questioned the strict gender roles. .People started cohabiting, divorce rate increased, and women demanded equality with men. The rise in this movements saw women being given equal opportunities as men and also allowing women to choose whether to abort or not

The events of the 60s and 70s have had a positive effect on how Americans today react to social injustice. When there is injustice in the society, Americans are not shy to go to the street and exercise their right to protest. They walk to the streets and show their displeasure and demand reform. When there were police shootings of black young men, the streets were filled with people who wanted justice and reforms in the police force. Other groups have also demonstrated in the past such as the LGBT and the feminist movement which wanted the right to decide on abortion issues. The culture that was carried on from the 70s has helped America become what it is today because people demand reforms when they see a problem ("28. The Unraveling | The American Yawp")

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