Free Essay Finding Positive Social Changes with Education

Published: 2017-07-03
Free Essay Finding Positive Social Changes with Education
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Social change is necessary to be able to properly evolve as a society that represents equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are many aspects of life that are negatively impacting positive social change, but it takes education to be a vital instrument for proper social change. I want to make an impact on the lives of others and education is vital in doing so.

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I am aspiring to become a lawyer one day to help make a drastic change in the justice system: criminally, financially, mentally, etc. Even with the amendments and laws in place, there are still people being treated unfairly every day. As an African American, LGBTQ woman, I have faced many challenges, but I want to be someone to help protect and defend others who struggle to overcome those challenges. As an African American I have encountered multiple accounts of racist slurs towards my heritage, comments about my natural hair, and sly remarks regarding my body shape. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I have experienced unnecessary stares as I have walked holding hands with my partner, gossiping messages to my parents, and unfair treatment in the Christian community, even though I am a Christian myself. As a woman, especially an African American woman, white-male privilege is constantly exemplified in my daily life, despite the many attributes that have demonstrated my skills exceeding expectations in comparison to that of my male peer.

I have witnessed discrimination and mistreatment to myself and my peers all of my life, but I will play a part in bringing that discrimination and mistreatment to an end. The law states that all men are created equal, but unfortunately people are constantly having to be defended because someone did not agree with that statement. There are continuously being policies developed disregarding equality, despite the law claiming affirmative action is in place, but it takes educated individuals to make a change. Developing the necessary tools from education to exemplify in my actions in the world, will assist my ability to make a change. For me, studying sociology is much deeper than just getting a degree. I am studying to learn why people act as they do, based on their childhood, community, peers, and interactions with society so that I can properly represent each individual group as a lawyer one day. I have to be educated in order to succeed in that representation. In order to stand for every specific individual in the law, I have to continue my studies of the law, in law school one day, and of each individual through sociology, as I continue working towards my undergraduate degree. I am continuing to pursue my education because I intend to make a change.

My ability to wake up and smell the coffee of what is actually happening in the world is constantly intensified as I continue my education. Unfortunately, I cannot do it on my own. I can work hard and continue to strive as a student, but without finances, I am limited in the opportunities to continue my education. I intend to make a change and this scholarship will play a large part in my ability to do so. Any amount of scholarship money is helpful towards my education and I am appreciative of every amount that I am able to receive. I have worked hard from elementary to middle to high school to college to be able to reach my ultimate career goal. With the help of the scholarship committee, this scholarship would assist my career and life aspirations.

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