Working Experience Essay Examples

Published: 2018-02-13
Working Experience Essay Examples
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Work experience

I have learnt several things from my work experience. First of all, I have learned that punctuality and time management is key to any employee. In every organization that I worked with, we were required to report at work by 8am in the morning. I can remember the first time I was employed and got late by over 30 minutes. The boss was furious and angry at me that he threatened me that he would fire me immediately the next time I report to work late. In some organizations, workers who do not observe time management and punctuality are often fined as a punishment for their unprofessional behavior.

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The other thing that I have learned from my work experience is the aspect of unity and teamwork. I currently work in the IT department, and our IT manager occasionally reminds us the need for teamwork and unity. The manager insists that without teamwork, organizational goals and objectives cannot be achieved in anyway. On some occasions, the manager shows us videos of the slow progress of other companies that do not embrace teamwork. Therefore, right from day one as an employee, I have upheld teamwork and unity as a vitally important factor in the success, growth and development of an organization.

For good measure, as an employee, I have learned that discipline and professionalism is paramount to all employees and their employers. For instance, it is professional of both employees and employers to observe code of ethics of a company and the society at large. For instance, through my work experience, I have learnt that honesty and integrity are essential in the building of a moral society. In most organizations, bribery and corruption are the order of the day because people take or give bribes in order to get favors at the workplace. However, as a professional, I have learned that taking or giving bribes does not build a society because it, in one way or the other, denies an individual of their deserved opportunity to work in a certain organization.

Into the bargain, my work experience has vividly taught that as an employee or boss, an individual needs to be a good problem solver for the success of an organization. Companies that have poor problem solving strategies always do not grow because they are keen on sacking employees who get in problems or cause problems. Instead of sacking such employees, organizations need to come up with proper problem solving strategies in order to retain their best, competent and experience employees.

Moreover, through my work experience, I can confidently say that most organizations are yet to embrace diversity. In some organizations, there is increased discrimination and marginalization based on gender, ethnic community, race, religion and socio-economic status. In most organizations, Muslims and women are not given their deserved chances because of discrimination and negative stereotype that have been formed against them.

In conclusion, throughout my work experience, I have learned that the workplace is not friendly or safe place for people who would like to live just the way they want. In all organizations that I have worked with, I have come realize that there is strong emphasis on professionalism, problem solving skills, punctuality and time management, teamwork and unity. In fact, most organizations aim at developing their employees both professionally and individually.

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