Graduate School Admission - Recommendation Letter Example for Free

Published: 2020-06-10
Graduate School Admission - Recommendation Letter Example for Free
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I must state it is a privilege to be the one to write a recommendation letter for Mary. I have interacted with her for two and half years, in my tenure as the former President Chief of Staff of APG Group, her reporting senior, and her professional mentor. We have worked together tirelessly on several organizational projects in marketing, administration, and development and strategy. I presently serve as a consultant and board member of the same organization.

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Being a CEO, I expect nothing less than brilliance among my workers. Mary has surpassed all expectations due to her professional skills. She has demonstrated great resolve, and dedication, in ensuring, she offers nothing but the best work as part of the APG Group International Business Development Team. I should point out that she is the youngest, and the only female in the highly competitive management team, a position that took some of us years to achieve. Her brilliance was noticed right from admission and nurtured through training. She was consequently challenged with cross-domain exposure, a level in which she did quite well.

Mary comfortably qualifies to be among the top-ranked young professionals with the ability to become Project Leaders alongside globally recognized professionals from schools such as IIT and IIM. For a Deputy Manager, she portrays the ability to execute flawlessly complex projects in time, and her ability to comprehend business. I would consider these two her greatest strengths, traits that are attributed to management positions higher than her current one. Her background in consultancy has complimented her strength, instead of acting as a barrier to performance. I am inclined to name her as one of my favorite employees. Not due to bias, but because her passion for change and drive for success cannot be matched by any of her colleagues in the entire organization.

In 2014, Mary was selected by the Group President to be among his 5 member only Corporate Executive Council, becoming the only Deputy Manager to hold such a prestigious job. The prestige, however, comes with its fair share of stress and expectation. Mary made an impact as a council member by developing a customized business intelligence dashboard that smoothened KPI measurements and process reporting across subsidiaries.

Her ability to be a tactical thinker led her to re-designing APG Group's CSR fund deployment strategy, a section that had recorded failure year in year out. She gained recognition in the Middle East and Africa, leading to her appointment as Programme Coordinator of the two regions. Her merit was also recorded in the implementation of Company-funded Power, an initiative that got funding from the World Bank. She had successfully managed other company operations like streamlining marketing plans, introducing new communication initiatives, leading marketing initiatives, and deliver great results.

Mary is a superior cross-cultural communicator with gifted management skills, creativity, and a knack for business development. She has successfully outshined others in the field, including all males, in a male-dominated and run industry. I was impressed with her ability to manage tough feedback, especially from me, and her thirst to gain more knowledge. She was, however, a standard negotiator. I consider this as a weakness because negotiation skills are critical in the business field. I took some time to groom her on how to be a good negotiator, and she showed great improvement. Working hard goes together with working smart. Mary got caught up in working hard; that she had to be reminded to work smart. This is an area that also needs improvement. Her desire for perfection leads her to be involved in all projects that do not necessarily need her involvement, another area that I advised her to learn how to train others, and delegate duty. I predict a promising future for Mary, destined for immense success. Her talents, diligence, leadership qualities, and experience will propel her career to accomplishing great results in the business field.

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