Film Review: My Sister's Keeper - Free Essay

Published: 2022-12-21
Film Review: My Sister's Keeper - Free Essay
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The film, My Sister's Keeper, is an American drama film released in 2009 that depicts a fascinating family relationship. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, the film is based on the novel, My Sisters Keeper written by Jodi Picoult and published earlier in 2004. The book narrates a story in the Rhode Island setting, of a 13-year old Anna Fitzgerald who takes her parents to court for their control over her medical decisions about her sister Kate, who is dying of leukemia. Its release into cinemas in the United States was on June 26, 2009, and consequently in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Ireland. The film tells the story of a family faced with tragedy despite a serene atmosphere of mutual concern and deep love. The disaster, in this case, leukemia sickness, is fought by the family with determination and tenacity. One of the exciting features of the story told by the movie is that it manages to portray the conflict in a family without depicting any one single character as the antagonist. Generally, the film does not story about a court battle; instead, a fascinating story of how a family can be faced with joy and sorrows and yet maintains an atmosphere of love and mutual respect.

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The film begins with Anna taking her parent's to court, a sort of misdirection, for their control over her medical decision when she learns she ought to donate a kidney to her sister succumbing to leukemia. The 11-year-old Anna has always known that she was a "donor child." Her parents, Sara and Brian, decide to conceive a second child through genetic engineering when they learn that their first daughter is diagnosed with leukemia (Honeycutt). The aim was that Anna would be a perfect genetic match with Kate, to donate blood, and whatever donation necessary for Kate to survive (Taylor). The two girls have always loved each other growing up. After 11 years, Kate's kidney's starts failing and thus she needs Anna's. In response, Anna refuses and plans to sue her parents through a big-shot lawyer to help her in her bid for 'medical emancipation.' However, her case is faced with a ferocious opposition by her mom who has a history of law practice before settling down to care for Kate (Satkunarajah). Throughout the film, flashbacks of the sweet relationship between Kate and Ana dominate, showing how the girls loved each other growing up. However, the sickness has affected them seriously, including their brother Jesse. In the film, sad events are also filmed, with the death of Taylor, a fellow cancer patient who danced with Ana during the hospital's prom dies after the dance. Eventually, during the court hearing, an astonishing revelation by Jesse reveals that Anna opposition was fueled by Kate's disillusion to living, and had requested Anna not to donate her kidney so that she could die. She eventually dies next to her mother and later, the court rules in Anna's favor. However, the family strives to live on after the loss, and Sara returns to her law practice.

The film is an examination of what it means to be a good sister, parent, brother and generally, a good person. From the interesting story that unfolds in the film, from sicknesses to court battles and later to death, it teaches on the correctness of doing anything that is morally correct to save a loved one's life (Satkunarajah). Notably, Anna is at the edge of sacrificing a significant share of her life through the series of donations she made. She loses control over her medical decisions, donates blood regularly, and later learns that after the kidney donation if it went through, she would not be able to enjoy alcohol for the rest of her life. However, it is revealed later that Anna was ready to make the sacrifice only that Kate was done the fighting and she was ready to die. Her mother, on the other hand, remains angry that she would do anything possible for Kate to survive. First, both parents decide to conceive a child, Anna, through genetic engineering so that their leukemia diagnosed daughter would get a genetic match who would then donate blood and anything needed to keep Kate alive (Taylor). Further, she quits her job as a law practitioner to care for their ailing daughter. After Anna sues her parents, Sara remains convinced that Kate should survive, and indeed goes ahead to challenge her in court. However, , her husband understanding Anna's plea. In other words, My Sister's Keeper is a story of selflessness, love, and perseverance amid sorrows (Honeycutt). It is unfortunate that Kate eventually dies. Nevertheless, her life not only teaches life lessons to other family members, but to the audience who watch the film.

In conclusion, My Sisters Keeper is a story of how a family can be faced with joy and sorrows and yet maintains an atmosphere of love and mutual respect. It films a tale of a family met with the misfortune of leukemia which is threatening to claim their first daughter's life. They are determined to fight for her life, to the extent of having a second donor child who would make all necessary donations to keep their daughter alive. As the story unfolds, a great share of it depicts determination to fight, and love, but also sorrow through death. Overall, the story shows the value of family members who are not only committed to fighting for each other's lives but also do anything morally correct for survival.

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