Free Essay Sample on Tourism in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Published: 2019-10-04
Free Essay Sample on Tourism in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa
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Uganda is a blocked-in country geographically found in the East Africa. It is mostly known as a country. To the North is South Sudan, Tanzania to the South, Kenya to the East, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the West and Rwanda to the Southwest. Uganda has considered to be the world second landlocked country after Ethiopia as the southern region of the country contains a big portion of the Lake Victoria. It is recognized with the exhibition or the slogan of the name Pearl of African Tourism.

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It is endowed with a variety of cultural and natural attractions which makes it one of the best tourist destinations and attractions. It portrays a mixture of natural and human endowments with the people showing warmth and hospitality. Uganda is a place to be with beautiful sceneries which will make one feels the need to treasure the moments and return. The best places that will leave one amazed by nature is the source of river Nile, Murchison Falls national game park, and the Ruwenzori mountain.

If pure relation, bungee jumping, water rafting and a chance to relieve stress is what you are in need of, then waste no time since the source of River Nile in Uganda is the perfect solution. The Nile is known as the longest river, and it starts from Jinja in Uganda. The river is about 6696 km long, and it pours water over nine countries, although it is mainly in Uganda and Egypt. Lake Victoria is the source of river Nile and if it is the beautiful sunset, the crocodiles and the scent of a fresh and exciting sense of nature that you want to experience, then taking a Nile cruise will make the tourist get first-hand information and get a glimpse of the mysterious nature. Besides seeing the beauty one can learn that the Owen dam that emanates from Lake Victoria in Uganda is the source of hydroelectricity for Uganda too. The source of Nile will take one through a lifetime of adventure with the scent from the fresh vegetation, the chirping of birds, the calmness of the water and the sight of it in the morning and evening will make an individual to fall in love with nature.

Different activities are available like white water rafting, river boarding and mountain biking. The course will lead to the great Murchison Falls, where there are millions of liters of water roaring and dropping from a lullaby. One would not want to miss spot fishing, game drives and scenic viewing which can make one be exhilarated. The view of the hippos and the explicit bird life will melt one out leave alone the nature walk which will allow one to reach the top of the fall and watch the trekking chimpanzee and enjoy the mighty fall that will give an individual the best view ever and the best moment to live for.

Rwenzori Mountains in the Western Uganda is known as the Mountains of the Moon. The mountain itself is an attraction with the equatorial snow peaks and blanketed slopes with moorland, bamboo, and rich montane forests. For the best world-class hiking and mountaineering destination, the place to be is none other than the Rwenzori Mountain. The place has hundreds of things to see beginning with the are mountain gorillas, birds and the hidden gem of the backcountry.

Should the experience of the extraordinary colorful flowers and the lobelias surpass any tourists, then one would not know what he or she has missed until he decides to explore the biggest mountain range in Africa, which will not only give one the experience to hike but also to interact with nature. Uganda is the best place to be. With the multicultural communities surrounded by 33 tribes, the cultural tourism, and the natural beauty is beyond reasonable doubt a breathtaking experience

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