Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Application Essay Example

Published: 2019-06-14
Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Application Essay Example
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My interest in entrepreneurship and innovation comes from my own experience as an entrepreneur. After graduating with a degree in Media Management from Curtin University of Technology, I started working with the Ministry of Education as a media and marketing specialist. My specialization with the organization was in both online marketing and real marketing. This gave me an opportunity to interact with key market players and customers. In the process, I learned what makes a young ambitious company succeed and how such a company can develop its products innovatively. During this time, my business acumen began to grow. The inception of my dream to become a business woman happened; and right then, I decided to delve into the business world.

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I started my own business by launching the Lavender Oasis Beauty Center in 2009. The business is still active till date. Recently, a group of entrepreneurs, including myself, decided to create an association of specialized Omani entrepreneurs. The aim of this association was to provide support and build a knowledge management platform where each of us would share experiences and insights learned in the marketplace. I was able to suggest the original idea, and there was a creation of an executive board to the association comprising 50 members thereafter. The association is awaiting approval by the Ministry of Social Development. The activities of this association are one of the main reasons Im looking to pursue my doctorate degree to better handle management issues of this association through learning skills and increasing knowledge.

Oman is home to thousands of entrepreneurs and is rich in opportunities for investors. I would love to be one of them. Recently the government of Oman made huge steps in encouraging new business ventures. Thus, the General Authority of Small & Medium business was established in 2011 to support youth entrepreneurs and encourage innovation. This phenomenon is yet new in Oman and faces the challenge of lacking qualified individuals to undertake the developments. My goal in getting my doctorate is to add to the qualified personnel that will be able to take my country through this transition. My part will be setting up the first Entrepreneurship and Innovation Training Centre in Oman. I believe that the pursuit of my PhD will be strategic for this endeavor.

During my university search and after consultations with US Education Advisors based in Oman, I found the University of Baylor to be the most ideal place to pursue my doctorate degree in Entrepreneurship. Some of the unique features that attracted me to UB included the business incubator located on-campus and faculty members. The business incubator allows student to develop business ideas while the faculty members are very helpful and resourceful to the students learning. I also found one of the faculty members, Prof Mathew Wood, to have ideas that are similar to mine in terms of his research projects especially in the area of academic entrepreneurship. I find that this would be an optimal environment not only for my pursuit of further education, but for growth through interaction with great minds.

Sincerely, Naema Albimani

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