Guns and Presidents - Free Essay Example

Published: 2020-06-10
Guns and Presidents - Free Essay Example
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In this case study, events that have occurred where gunmen have been spotted in authorized areas and the fact that at these men were not legally expected to be handling rifles during these occasions. It generally goes through the events that have put the presidents especially of the United States at risk of being gunned down by gunmen. Therefore, the author gives it the title, Guns and presidents. This raises an alarm on the laws that govern the citizens that are in possession of guns and whether they are legally owned. One fact presented is that among the forty four presidents that have operated in the United States. Four of them have been gunned down and killed while in office. First it was Abraham Lincoln in 1865, John F. Kennedy in 1963; Ronald Reagan was also hit by gunfire while Theodore Roosevelt was shot after he left office. In some of the other cases, Gerald Ford and Harry Truman were both subjected to close misses.

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One other case that has been identified is Franklin D. Roosevelt who was shot at when he was acting as the president-elect; however one of his senior leaders, the mayor of Chicago was hit instead and died. It is evident that the all of these presidents were killed using the same means. This prompts the write of the case to critically look at the laws that govern possession of guns and how well should the owner be restricted in using them. It is also another big question for the law enforcers who need to explain to why such events such as the most recent one that saw the current US president being exposed to the risk of being shot. A gunman was spotted in Arizona, in 2009. The president was holding a convention about healthcare in the state of Arizona

The Assumptions Made In the Case

The main assumption of the case is that the law has some loopholes that allow gun owners to be flashing them publicly even when not necessary. The ownership of guns in the United States is determined and granted by the states security agencies. After the killing of John F. Kennedy, the act of the gun ownership tightened the requirements of one who intended to own a gun in the United States. The purchase of guns through mail orders was banned because the gunman who shot J.F. Kennedy had purchased the gun online. He orders it by mail and it was delivered to him. This is one of the loopholes that are noticeable in the laws that the ownership laws might be overlooked and thus illegal merchant will find loopholes to ferry and sell the guns into different states without permit. The other assumption is that that the authorities are sleeping on their job. Therefore some of the enemies of the state are either engaging in corruption with some of the corrupt officials in government or allowing outsiders to breach security protocols.

Conclusions drawn from the facts and assumptions include that, there needs to be a reshuffle in the security detail; officers and agents that are involved in the keeping the president away from the risk of being attacked or being hurt. In brief this should be the work of the advisors and the law makers in providing tight rules that should only permit registered gun owners not for personal security but also in situations where the life of that person is in danger. There is need to have a census in all households in very country in order to ascertain the number of people that posses firearms. The public should also be on the alert to inform the law enforcers of any suspicious person that they think is in the possession of firearms. This whole fight cannot be handled by the law-enforcers. Therefore, it should be a collective responsibility.

In my observation, I have noted that there needs to cohesion among the citizens of a country in order to shun the crime illegally owning and using unlicensed guns. The ones that have licensed one should also be monitored in the bid to have them use them in the proper manner. Were it not for the illegal purchase of the gun that killed J. F. Kennedy, through online platforms; email, this incident would have been handled. Therefore, a nation that works in unison to have the laws implemented would not have a large number of such cases as presidents or people assassinated. We also live with criminals, however we decide to keep silent, which prompts them to believe that they have our support.

In conclusion, all incidents that occur especially where guns are involved, there is a plan that has been hatched and followed successfully. Before these plans mature, there is need to frustrate them by disallowing the trade of fire arms in any state within the US. The security detail for the leaders should be reshuffled on a regular basis to avoid mistakes being done due to complacency.

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