Essay Sample on the Fear of Public Speaking: Glossophobia

Published: 2019-09-09
Essay Sample on the Fear of Public Speaking: Glossophobia
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The test says that I have a moderate fear of public speaking. The fear may not cause problems because I may not even be aware of its presence (CTRN Home). At the same time, I am unlikely to avoid all public speaking events because they make me uncomfortable and induce the desire to avoid public speaking responsibilities.

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The test creates the impression that public speaking is not the strict domain of making public speeches. Instead, the fear affects the development of personal relationships because of the need to speak in public even on personal levels (CTRN Home). However, I think that the test is too business oriented. There is the distinct impression that the provision of the free test is to create a feeling of need in the respondent and thus create the desire to purchase the services offered by the web provider. While I have never had problems with communicating in close circles of friends, the test is trying to tell me that my condition may inhibit my desire to grow.

The test results indicate that fear can be insidious, meaning that I may not know the true effects of the condition of my life (CTRN Home). The misleading condition is especially interesting because it creates the impression that the hidden effects of the public speaking may direct my judgment of the test. I am under the impression that the fear does not affect relationships because that is the only thing I know. I am not aware of any reality where I have confidence to compare my current relationships with. For this reason, while the results of the test may be influenced by the desire to sell the products, they are worth considering.

Considering professional help is the first step to dealing with the problem of anxiety in the face of public speaking. The test indicates that the fear of public speaking affects the professional prospects of the subject because the fear creates the impression of devoid confidence and inability to lead others. Since leadership is an important component of rising to the higher levels of a career, it would be important to consider professional help to work on the anxiety and thus increase the chances of professional development. Professional help, according to the test results, helps the subject have a better career, better personal relationships and an improved perception of the self.

There is skepticism surrounding the question of public speaking disorder, mainly due to the attempt of the website to sell professional services to people after the test. However, it is important to keep an open mind and consider the possibility that the anxiety, no matter the perception of the impacts on life, may be affecting the professional and personal relationships of the subject. The open mind may help me, as the subject, to see areas in personal relationships and communication patterns that need to improve. Keeping an open mind is more than just looking for the source of the problems that the effects, the open mind has the potential to help the subject face their fears and thus make better public speakers. An open mind may reveal that the reason why the perception of the fear public speaking is low is the unwillingness to face the fear. For this reason, keeping an open mind is an ideal way to solve the problem.

Face my fears

Open communication with family members is a good place to start if I want to know the true extent of my fear. The test indicates that while I may be unaware of the effects of the fear of public speaking, it may have a negative effect on all personal relationships. Therefore, seeking the opinion of friends and family would help me assess the real effects of the fear on them and thus determine the areas in need of improvement. In this way, it is possible to pinpoint the specific aspects of my personality and communicative disorder that needs intervention. Identification of the problem creates awareness and thus results in looking for help or facing the problems.

When taking the test, one of the requirements was to answer on the effects of the fear on family relationships. I have always felt that the fear does not affect the family relationships because I am not afraid of speaking when I am already familiar with the subjects of my speech. For example, I freely express myself to the members of my immediate family and always say that I am nervous around large groups of strangers. That has never been a problem. In the test, I realized that the unwillingness to speak at public gatherings might pose a problem in future relationships, especially if a family member needs verbal support in an unfamiliar gathering. For example, if I have children in the future, they may feel that I am not supportive of them.

I also learned that the public speaking is a common problem. It affects many people and most of them are unaware of its existence. For example, when I am asked to say something in a toast or any other gathering, I always look for a way to get out of the speech. Many people may interpret the desire to get out of the speech as an indication of lack of personal commitment, and the problem may affect the development of communication between friends and among family members. I also learned that communication is an important part of overcoming the problem because the immediate family needs to know about the problem if they are to participate in the solution. If they are not aware, they may not understand the subject.


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