Essay Example about Poverty in Children

Published: 2021-01-25
Essay Example about Poverty in Children
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The findings indicated that despite the fact that the economy of the United States has grown, the number of poor children has been on the rise. Prior to the 2007/2008 recession, the number of poor children was about 3million less than what was reported in 2012. The number of poor children was more than 16 million in 2012, which represented a significant increase from the previous years. A majority of the poor children did not have access to food, shelter, and other basic needs such education. The findings also indicated that poverty in children was more attributed to the fact that most of the parents did not have a stable source of income.

Race and poverty

The CDC findings indicated that poverty was higher in some races than others. It was highest among the Hispanics and Blacks, compared to the whites. Of all the poor children in 2012, more than two-third of them were from the black and Hispanic population. Children of color are more likely to be poor than the whites. In 2012, for instance, it was estimated that 1 in 3 non-white children was poor. Children born of the black parents were also more likely to be poor compared with their counterparts. This was attributed to the inequitable distribution of resources.

Poverty and geographical location

The study indicated a correlation between poverty and geographical location. For instance, it was found that most of the poor children lived in Mississippi. Further, most of the poor children lived in the cities, towns and suburbs. More than 29% of the poor children lived in cities, while a similar number also lived in small urban centers. Poverty was also higher in New York, Illinois, and California, compared to other states.


The number of homeless children has been on the rise since 2006. For instance, in 2006-2007 periods, about 673.5 thousand children were considered homeless. In 2012, the number had risen to nearly 1.2 million. The statistics indicated a steady rise in the number of homeless children since 2006.


The study indicated that the poor children did not afford a quality education. Close to 75% of the fourth and eighth graders could not read nor do any computations. This is higher than the number of white children, which stands at slightly higher than 52%. The discrepancy has been cautioned by inequality in the distribution of wealth. Poverty is perpetuated by the fact that most of the parents of the poor children do not have a college education. Hence, they do not have the necessary skills that can ensure they get employed.

Juvenile justice

Gun violence It is estimated that more than 4,000 children are arrested daily in the U.S. A majority of them are blacks and Hispanics. The blacks are more than twice as likely to be arrested and incarcerated compared to the whites. The increased in juvenile delinquency is attributed to poverty.

Gun violence among children continues to be on the rise in the United States. Over 2,694 children were estimated to have died in 2010. Gun related deaths are said to be high in children below the age of 19. Further, the number of black children dying of gun violence was also higher than other races. The number of deaths out of gun violence is just second to those caused by car accidents.

Major issues in comparison with developmental theories

The developmental theories show how children grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. For a normal growth, it is imperative that children get access to basic needs, such shelter, food, quality healthcare, and education. In the studies conducted major issues such as poverty, violence against children, homelessness, and juvenile delinquency were common. These challenges may hamper the normal growth and development in children. For instance, poverty could interfere with the physical development of the children. This owes to the fact that a majority of the children get malnourished. Children are also likely to be affected emotionally and psychologically due to violence. Incarceration may also cause emotional distress in children, which may affect their normal development. Poverty is a major issue that makes most children remains out of school. The social development of such children may also be hampered, since they are isolated by the rest of the community. The social isolation is part of the reason why some children will engage in criminal activities.

Importance of the information

The information about the challenges facing children is vital for the purpose of making informed decisions. The statistics are imperative as they can assist in distribution of resources and addressing the issue of poverty. The Children Defense Fund (CDC), and other related non-profit organizations will utilize the information to assist the most socioeconomically challenge children in the community. The data can also assist the policy makers know what needs to be done to eradicate poverty and minimize violence in children. The information on gun violence, for instance, will prompt the government to take the necessary measure of addressing the challenge.

Conclusion and recommendations

Poverty in children has been rising annually despite the economic development in United States. Poverty is attributed to inequality in the distribution of resources. The non-whites are the most affected by poverty. The blacks are more than twice likely to be arrested and incarcerated due to higher chances of juvenile delinquency. More than 16 million children live in poverty, and the number is likely to rise going by the current statistics. Poor children lack access to food, decent places of living, quality health care, and education. These situations affect the normal child development. In order to address the challenges affecting children, the following recommendation will be imperative:

Firstly, the government should ensure that available resources, such as education and employment opportunities are distributed equitably. More jobs that do not require highly specialized skills should be created for the purpose of the less educated parents. Education ought to be made more affordable to all children. Quality education should be found in all schools to produce children who have the relevant skills required in the job market.

Secondly, the government should partner with non-governmental organization to increase funding for the less fortunate in the society. Feeding and education programs for the poor should be supported. Children should also have access to counseling services, especially those who have been exposed to violence. Further, the governments need to have policies that will ensure effective gun control. There is need to minimize the number of deaths in children caused by access and lack of control of guns. Affordable housing, especially at the urban centers is vital. This will ensure that children have decent shelters, where they can protect themselves against harm, and also do their studies.

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