Evaluation of Waste Management

Published: 2022-12-06
Evaluation of Waste Management
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The issue of waste paper management has been a matter of heated discussion in recent years. This is because of the impact of waste on the environment as well as to human beings in general. Waste management disposal measures have been put in place to control the waste, however, this does not seem to completely efficient as some people still go against the standards of maintenance of the environment through pollution. The methods of waste disposal are the ones which are always considered, but the issue is choosing the ones that are most effective and implementation of measures which help on conserving the environment. This paper seeks to give better insights into some of the issues regarding waste disposal.

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It is significant to recognize the type of waste being disposed of off to choose the right method of disposal. The management practices for the wastes depend on their type so as to ensure efficiency when they are disposed, and also to ensure that the disposal method is not hazardous to the environment ( Babaei 94). For instance, some wastes can be recycled into other useful products. This reduces the impact of waste since it reduces the amount of waste that is let out of the environment. In today's world, various campaigns are held to advocate for proper waste management practices which involve reducing, reusing and recycling, colloquially referred to as the three R's of the waste management hierarchy.

The business of waste management is highly lucrative as it helps those involved to garner high profits. For instance, the journal of waste management reports that revenues collected through waste management are usually in millions of dollars( Gruber 5). However, only the people who take waste management seriously consider it as an industry. They consider the various facets of waste disposal to enjoy the benefits from it. It is required that the right procedures should be followed to ensure efficiency in the whole process. The managers should also be sincere in their dealings as well.

Waste management saves the earth and also conserves energy. This aspect of waste disposal particularly includes the element of recycling wastes helping to reduce the cutting down of trees ( Permana 197). From my standpoint, trees are a crucial part of the environment which should be well maintained so as to evade the harsh consequences of global warming. Therefore, recycling helps to make quality papers instead of only relying on trees. This helps in controlling cutting down of trees for the purposes of making paper Besides, recycling also minimizes the amount of energy that is used in the dispensation.

Waste management helps individuals to save money. It is accurate to say that waste disposal helps some household earns some money when they give them their waste. A household can sell their tin cans and glass waste, which are collected and they, in return get paid.

Also, waste management is an appropriate way to ensure that the environment is fresh and clean. The units used in waste disposal segregate the wastes, therefore, ensuring that the public is free from all disease that would be caused by the wastes. Waste is properly disposed and taken care of to make sure that it does not spread to the surrounding. However, this can only happen if property safety strategies are implemented.

On the contrary, there are demerits of waste managing which slow down the process of environmental conservation. Firstly, the process is usually not cost-effective. Even though it may generate money to the contributors, facts remain that the procedure needs a lot of time, money, set up the premises and running of the process of waste management. The more the number of wastes, the more the number of resources required. It is obvious that setting up of large companies requires a lot of capital, and it is only in the long run that the management will start getting money.

The resultant products of waste management habitually have a short life-span. It is accurate to say so since the recycled product cannot have long=lasting quality as that of the original product. Even though recycled products are relatively cheaper and eco-friendly, the recycled product always has a shorter life span than that of the original product.

Correspondingly, waste management sites are often dangerous. The sites are most prone to bacteria and fungal growth which may lead to various types of illnesses. Workers at the sites are usually exposed to a high risk of contracting diseases. There is still a large part of waste management that is still done on a set of small scale standards, The management practices are done in a uniform way in large industries. Uniform processes are not uniformly enforced at the global level. Practices at the global level include hindering ocean disposals and reduction of deforestation.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the ultimate goal of waste management is to minimize and curb wastes. Nevertheless, the attributes of processing and recycling cannot be completely omitted since they are highly effective in ensuring proper waste management.

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