Advertisements Analysis - Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-11
Advertisements Analysis - Essay Example
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Other than introducing new products in the market, ads are also primarily used as a means of fostering information among people in a community. In my evaluation, I have chosen two advertisements that actually spoke to me. The reason as to why, unlike many others, these two advertisements, had a substantial impact on me was because they address real life problems; which are also happening around me.

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Anti-Smoking Ads Analysis

For example, the advert image that addresses the dangers of smoking helped me relate to its content since my uncle is a smoker, with whom, I have learned how smoking affects and endangers ones which culminates into severe effects on an individuals lifespan. Smoking is known to affect lots of people around the world and precisely people like me who have known and lived with smokers like my uncle. Personally, I feel that this habit is disgusting and that should be stopped.

In the modern day today, young children are starting to smoke because smoking has almost become normal and usual to everyone. Additionally, this also affects people around you in many ways because they have to inhale the smoke which consequently affects their lungs and livers in many ways. Parents who smoke, on the other hand, affect their children from birth since the children become second-hand smokers whose effects are much severe than those in the first-hand smokers. Thus, in my opinion, this smoking advertisement appeals more to non-smokers because they think about the consequences than the smokers themselves. They simply want these smokers to stop smoking. In the smoking photo advert, there is a human hand in an arrow that is holding a cigarette and right behind it is a shadow of a gun, with clear writings that read, about 106,000 people die each year due to smoking.

Plastic Kills Animals Ad

Secondly, the other image advert appeals to me because I am a pet lover and I have two dogs. The mere thought of them being in danger is very upsetting for me. There are so many animals which are getting killed and consequently becoming extinct due to global warming and the disposal of plastic bag into the ocean. The polar bears, turtles, penguins, and whales are among some of the animals that are dying due to too much garbage and litter inside the sea and other mass water bodies. Life in the sea is endangered by this kind of water pollution since plastic bags, and litter items contaminate the water and as a result suffocating these animals. As afore mentioned, the fact that I have dogs as my pets, I would never want to imagine my dogs being endangered by environmental pollution threats among many others. As it is clearly depicted in the second photo, there is a human hand holding a plastic bag right at the neck of the turtle in the photo. Basically, the photo clearly shows someone grabbing the turtle by the neck. Additionally, there is a quote on the bag that reads plastic bags kill keeps your ocean clean.

In the image photo of the smoking advert, the elements are the object since they clearly represent human hands and cigarettes. Therefore, this photo trys to show how much a little item such as a single cigar has so much power and how people are giving in to the pessimism in the cigarettes which holds so much power (Gelman and Fung). In this photo, the hand is bringing out three fingers and holding a little object but behind the single hand is a darker picture and that shows a gun, by easily seeing the gun shows that this advertisement is very deep, powerful and also tries to send a message to everyone around the world. I am not a smoker, but I would show this photo to my uncle so as to seek to shed light on him of the number of people in the UK, who die each year just because they gave in to smoking.

In the second advertisement, the primary purpose of the photo is to create awareness to people through irony. This image shows that theyre trying to send a message through irony by stating that plastic kills along with a picture of a dead animal on a plastic bag kills. The creativity and the amount of information contained in these plastic bags seek to appeal to so many people merely by warning them of the dangers of buying these plastic bags from shops. However, there are those others who might not find the message so effected and they would just continue using plastic bags and eventually dispose them carelessly and make the environment worse. Some might even find the plastic bag very amusing, interesting and catchy that they would buy the plastic bags as extras just for their own amusement and in the very end, these plastic bags will be thrown away and that causes more issues to the environment (Ocean Health Index).

In conclusion, advertisements appeal to us in so many ways. Most of them are much important in the sense that the information depicted in these adverts is useful for helping a community, raising businesses, fame, good causes, among many others. Personally, I loved the photos and the messages in the advertisements that I chose for my essay. This is because this information is eye opening and perspective towards what is really going on in the world today. Therefore, so as to draw peoples attention and at the same time create awareness about the dangers of these things, these advertisements make use of both photos and quotes as effective ad tools.

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