Essay Example: European Union Maritime Security Strategy

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Example: European Union Maritime Security Strategy
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The European Union and NATO share similar strategic interests and are currently facing the same challenges hence their strategy of cooperating so as to better tackle the hybrid maritime threats. The two are working together side by side in management of the crisis, areas of capability development and also the political consultations. They are supranational organizations whose cooperation is necessary to combat the new security threats and maintain efforts to strengthen the European defense as well as build the partnership between Europe and North America. States that belong to the EU and NATO must make sure to preserve democratic governance and human rights with a functioning market economy and also meet all the obligations and intent of the organization.

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The International Political and Legal Framework

Addressing hybrid threats from the international political and legal frameworks have been important in responding to particular operations hence minimizing their impact. There has been an emphasis on points that states need to emphasize in addressing the threats and these include being skeptical of metrics, being careful about the target areas, paying close attention to early warning, tightening the links between the public-private divide and working with target countries to gain the capacity to intervene.

Consolidated Resilience and Holistic Immunity

Preventing and responding to hybrid threats can be through consolidated resilience and holistic immunity. Consolidated resilience is critical because the majority of national vulnerabilities tend to be country-specific. Thus, organizations hope to effectively respond to the common threats that target the border networks. Holistic immunity as a way of preventing hybrid threats means making use of the expert personnel from the involved organizations to strategize on the way forward to prevent attacks supported from within the state.

Hybrid Warfare and Critical Infrastructure Resilience

The hybrid warfare is set to employ political struggle and other military strategies together with other influencing methods such as diplomacy, lawfare and also the electoral intervention. The very first step is to identify the key vulnerabilities of the state which will require intervention by the state organizations with the specific responsibility of handling the same. Improving protection is necessary and the resilience of critical infrastructure. Similarly, other key actions related to hybrid warfare will include coordination on cyber responses, targeting the hybrid threat financing and also increasing coordination with other unions. This way, cooperation on the prevention of hybrid threats for a prominent future is set.

Hybrid Conflicts and Current Challenges in the Law of Armed Conflict

Some of the hybrid conflicts include organized protests movements, fake news, strategic leaks, cyber espionage, cyber-attacks, cyber manipulations and political party crisis among many others. The current challenges in the law of armed conflict include the public-private divide especially during the election times as the role of private companies is complicating the facet of cyber, and the traditional government processes hence there is less discretion in deciding when to attribute. The changing domain of information pace and the media landscape is also quite a challenge.

Maritime Vehicles: How to Build Legal Resilience

The main way of building legal resilience in maritime vehicles is operating below the threshold of conventional warfare. There is a need to use a blend of the military and also paramilitary tools which are inclusive of the maritime forces, cyber tools, and proxy forces as well.

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