Essay Example on History and Prevention of Disasters

Published: 2023-01-03
Essay Example on History and Prevention of Disasters
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It is evident that in the present day, there are few people having the capability of appreciating heroic deed rightly from the Erebus and Terror - The Antarctic Expedition 1839-1843, James Clark Ross disasters. For this reason, it important to focus on the implications of these disasters in our present day by looking at other related disasters. This is because they will help to the lead of preventing them.

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Titanic Ship in 1912 and HMS Bounty In 2012

Therefore, we are going to look at one type of disaster which encompasses sea tragedies. Notable examples being Titanic ship in 1912 and HMS Bounty in 2012 which when put into account occurred in the sea cannot be attributed to basic issues hence taking into account other basic factors should be considered such as poor weather which entails hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical cyclones (Kirkaldy, 2012). Geographical factors also take root into this and are compounded by coral reefs, icebergs, and sandbars (Mitchell, 2019). Technological factors also play a part and are characterized by anything going wrong within the system of the ships. Furthermore, this can be likened to HMS Terror and HMS Erebus as they both got wrecked in the sea and it has been seen that they were trapped by an iceberg in the sea.

Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Explosion Of 1986

Industrial disasters are another form of disasters claiming the lives of thousands of people globally every year. Notably, this category of disaster originates from dangerous procedures, industrial or technological accidents and infrastructure failures resulting from certain human operations (Mitchell, 2019). Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion of 1986 is considered as one of the world's worst disaster in human history regarding nuclear power generation. The accident was as a result of flawed reactor design done by personnel with inadequate training (Hirose, 2012). The fire and steam explosion from the disaster released radioactive reactor core into downwind and atmosphere causing the death of two plant workers and other 28 people due to severe radiation poisoning.

To sum up, it is evident that the discussed disasters can be compared to some degree with the loss of HMS Terror and HMS Erebus because both disasters disclose failed expeditions capturing a lot of imagination. Notably, they all represent the ideas of discovering new frontiers that are extremely significant to people because it is something lacking around the globe today. Moreover, they reveal the lessons people should learn from history to teach how such early struggles in order to create awareness as well as breaking new barriers.


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