Essay Sample:The Fellowship of the Ring

Published: 2023-03-21
Essay Sample:The Fellowship of the Ring
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The Fellowship of the Ring is a literary work that is contained in the famous Lord of Rings, which includes 3 two other stories. The book was the first volume released by Tolkien and was produced by Barrie M Osborne. The story is about the Dark Lord, who is looking for One Ring, which had fallen into the hands of the young Frodo Baggins (Iken 9). The book explains how the fate of middle-earth was dangling in the hands of Frodo and the company of eight others who together were forming the fellowship ring and commenced their journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor since it was the only existing place where the destruction of the Ring would take place as that is what they wanted to achieve (Tolkien 12). In this story, Tolkien talks about how power motivates many people in the current world, and he further mentions that power is always within the people, and it is not by defeating and ruling others by words or actions (Iken 10). Power can be destroying and evil, power can become detrimental because most of those who have been trusted with powerful positions tend to abuse it.

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Gandalf and Galadriel understand what power is and makes no attempt to achieve more of force. They know that being in a lot of power can ruin them at the end and might cause them to look like evil people who work for the Dark Lord Sauron (Mardani 14). Gandalf warns his counterpart Galadriel and Frodo about the Ring and states when he tells Frodo about an impending journey up ahead. He says, "I should not make use of it, if I were you" (59). The Ring possesses a lot of power, and one of the powerful wizards knew this just like the otherwise wizards that were there who know too well that excessive influence may be detrimental (Mashudi 8).

The lords of Elves, Dwarves as well as men are finally offered the Ring of Power but what they do not comprehend is that the Dark Lord alters the One Ring while at Mount Doom instilling into it a great deal of his power to oppress using it and without appearing physically with a sole motive of capturing the middle-earth (Tolkien 12). The men and Lord Elves join together to fight the forces of Lord of Dark in Mordor, where Prince Isildur cut off the finger of the Dark Lord along with the Ring (Tolkien 14). The action destroys the physique of the Dark Lord and this mark the first time defeat of Sauron, the Dark Lord. It was unfortunate that after getting the Ring, Prince Isildur gets influenced and corrupted, where he fails to destroy the Ring as was the motive he takes it over to use it for power. Orcs later murder Prince Isildur and the Ring disappears for over 2500 years until a time when Gollum locates it and keeps it in his custody for around five centuries (Tolkien 15). Due to the powers of the Ring, when Bilbo Baggins finds the Ring and puts it on, he becomes invisible, although he does not know anything about its history.

Bilbo Baggins later plans for an adventurous vacation where he leaves his belongings to his nephew Frodo as inheritance, including the Ring. Just like many other people who had used the Ring, Bilbo had also commenced getting changed by the Ring and also attempts to preserve it for himself, and it is at this point that Gandalf comes in between. He suspects the Ring and talks about it to Frodo and advises him to preserve it safely as a secret (Nursyahid 17). Gandalf goes further to investigate the Ring, and he successfully finds out its pure form and goes back to Frodo to issue him with another caution. It is at this point that Gandalf learns about the torture that Gollum was subjected by Orcs, where he mentioned two words, "Shire" and "Baggins."

A battle ensued when Sauron, who had released his nine undead Nazgul servants to look for Frodo and after a while in the struggle, Saruman locks Gandalf in prison (Strandberg 18). Later, Merry and Pippin join Sam and Frodo and can hide away from the Nazgul and can arrive in Bree, where they had planned to meet up with Gandalf. Unfortunately, Gandalf fails to show up and a ranger by the name of Strider, who is Gandalf's friend, aids them and escorts them to Rivendell. Arwen, Strider's fiancee, also comes to the rescue of Frodo and incapacitating Nazgul. She takes Frodo to Rivendell, where he gets well and meets Gandalf, who was able to escape Isengard following the assistance of Gwaihir (Strandberg 18). The father to Strider's fiance, Arwen, by the name of Lord Elrond, convenes a council meeting after which deliberations they decided to destroy the Ring at Mount Doom. Other members were not in agreement and argued that Frodo should take up the Ring accompanied by others such as Merry, Sam, Gandalf, Pippin, and Strider, among others. At this point, Bilbo hands over his sword to Frodo (Hardian 10). The ring fellowship sets off, but the magical powers of Saruman make them travel through Moria, which makes Gandalf unhappy.

In conclusion, the power ring had special powers that most people wanted to acquire to dominate the others and to exert their powerful influence. The Ring corrupts almost everyone who came into contact with it, making it embrace it and live with it and have it for the longest time. Several people have been mentioned to have had an experience with the Ring ranging from the Dark Lord, Prince Isildur, and Bilbo, where all falling into the trap of being influenced by the Ring. Several fights ensued with people clashing over the Ring, where Orcs kills Prince Isildul over the same Ring. It, therefore, paints an image of how people want to have the power not to serve but to dominate and to remain in force for more time. As a result, people fought and killed each other in an attempt to get the Ring, which would give them power where such deeds are evil and are as a result of power.

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