Essay Sample: Reflection on the Global Health Crisis: COVID-19 Pandemic Impact and Response

Published: 2023-10-06
Essay Sample: Reflection on the Global Health Crisis: COVID-19 Pandemic Impact and Response
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Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a global health crisis that the world is facing today and the challenging incidence we have faced since the Second World War. Since the emergence of the pandemic in Asia, it has spread in every part of the world except Antarctica. The pandemic is not only perceived as a health crisis but also as an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. The pandemic has the potential of developing much devastating social, economic, and political impacts leaving longstanding scars. It is, therefore, important to offer a reflection of COVID-19 as a global health crisis.

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Personal Reflection about the Current Global Health Crisis

Initially, the coronavirus health crisis began as much less of a threat as it is currently. The students` lives continue to be uprooted because of the global health crisis. Because of the relocation, students are now being affected by slow internet connectivity, resulting in challenges while learning online. That is mainly because of the parents' decisions of relocating to somewhere safer due to the state-wide quarantine.

As a nurse, the hospitals continue to feel paralyzed mainly because of the suspenseful state that many countries are anticipating of a dreaded future. The nurses continue to staff the clinics and, in some instances working until they drop. The nurses are doing so in many regions, mainly because of the lack of essential items. Nurses in many areas continue to grapple with shortages because of the most needed supplies, such as the protective equipment.

Current Information on the Diversity of COVID-19 Victims

The spread of the COVID-19 continues to be a matter of international concern because of its diverse spread. The age-related differences result in worse clinical outcomes among elderly individuals who end up contracting the infection. Studies suggest that older people are at a higher risk of death once they are infected. Having a better understanding of the role of age in the transmission is critical, especially in determining the number of cases worldwide. A lower number of the infection have been reported among the children; hence that can be illustrated through children having a lower susceptibility to infection. Nations with younger populations may record fewer incidences of the infection.

Role of the Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The media continues to provide reliable information to the general public concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes the various pandemic developments and the personal protective measures that people are expected to take. People and nations are expected to make judgments based on what they learn from the media. Mainstream news continues to be more reliable, providing quality information, and moral obligations compared to the information obtained on social media. Both mainstream news and information obtained through social media, continue to play a significant role in distributing governmental and non-governmental information and the various recommendations, including the personal protective measures that the general public is expected to take. Everybody is concerned about the information that the clients have access to. The messages about the increasing deaths continue to resonate with everyone. The implicit biases affected the messages delivered by increasing the stereotypes that people have towards the increasing number of infections.

Reopening of the States

The process of reopening different states continues to enter new phases. The majority of the states have already begun to lift the restrictions that had initially been put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone looks forward to seeing all the states reopened for the sake of the economy. Although the states continue to reopen, the citizens need to be encouraged to improve their respective personal protective measures, which is supported by the current statistics of the increase in the number of people infected.

Importance of Engaging in Global Health

Putting more investments in developing countries helps in improving global health benefits. Such improvements can either improve the health care system in the US, either directly or indirectly. The role of global health has significantly changed because of the coronavirus. That is mainly through how the health care personnel respond to emergencies because the pandemic generally requires an immediate response.

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