Major Threats to America. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-27
Major Threats to America. Free Essay Example
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Naturally, there are several threats encountered by America. During the mentioning of the dangers by the president during the very last night's state of the union, he considered immigration to be the topmost threat of all the risks they face as a country. Several problems are still realized, but immigration is currently one of the most tremendous challenges that are affecting the United States of America.

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Concentrating on the number of immigration cases, in the United Nations, the US stands at the top as compared to other nations (Borjas, 2001). It has up to 48 million immigrants in recent years from 2015, which is five times as many as the Saudi Arabia immigrants (Borjas, 2001). Therefore, the government has implemented a policy on an exact number of immigrants required by the country. Various operations are needed to counter the rate of immigration to this nation. Ensuring that there is committed security at the borders, is among the measures that will include referring and prosecuting 100 per cent border crossers from foreign countries into the United States (Borjas, 2001).

US Government Policy on Radicalization and Drug Trafficking.

Typically, radicalization is a solemn act that should be seriously taken care of by a nation. According to, Neumann, (2003), radicalization is the act by which individuals or groups of people are coming to adopt the progressively political or religious ideals which may, in turn, lead to undermining the status and ideas of the nation. Therefore, it is to send assets or the sources of the government into Islamic mosques to ensure there are no forms of radicalization growing in these particular sectors. Individuals should, therefore, take it as a sole responsibility to ensure that they consider the policy of preventing, pursuing, protecting and preparing their nation on the illicit behaviors that can lead to problems.

It is also essential to send sources or assets to the neighboring nations to ensure if there is any act of drug trafficking. Many consequences are encountered by a society when several citizens using drugs (Rico-Sulay, 2011). The economy of the country can as well be affected since the nation will highly spend on treating the affected users. Similarly, the government will also ensure that the abandoned families are taken care of, and this will seriously undermine the economy.

Intelligence Cycle and Recruitment Cycle

According to, Hulnick, (2006), the intelligence cycle is simply the concept that describes the general intelligence process based on the civilian or the military intelligence agencies or at some times in law enforcement. Additionally, the cycle itself is typically characterized as a closed path of activities or problems with a closed-loop. In the intelligence cycle, there are various steps in the sequence. These steps include; requirements, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and production and finally dissemination and consumption. Every step is dependent on another; therefore, there should be a close interrelation between them.

Recruitment cycle, on the other hand, which is commonly described as the cycle recruiting is the holistic recruitment process that embraces its purview six primary stages of the recruitment cycle (Aiken & Waddy, 1986). The steps help in analyzing talent gaps, tracking, broadcasting, choosing, and onboarding. Additionally, full-cycle recruiting is also referred to as life cycle recruiting. The process of full-cycle recruiting, as discussed earlier, begins with finding the talents of individuals which is a different case with the intelligence cycle, which at last filling the gap effectively.


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