Essay Sample on the Media Lifecycle and Media Effect on Society

Published: 2022-05-22
Essay Sample on the Media Lifecycle and Media Effect on Society
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The media lifecycle

According to Brake (2013), the concept of the media circle entails the means and general medium of communication in the society. The methods of discussion in the organization include the broadcasting, publishing and the massive use of internet which has the higher contribution in transforming the economic, cultural and political dynamics in the community. Notably, the core purpose of this paper is to examine comprehensively the participation of media and how it helps transform the socio-economic status in the nation. The transformation of the media life circle in the society can be traced back to the ancient media practices such as the cave painting, writing, and maps drawing to give direction. On the other hand media has undergone several technological changes to suit the demands in the modern society. The general contribution of the media organization has contributed positively in ensuring a smooth relationship in between all the sectors in the society Bryant et al. (2009). Ultimately, the massive developments in the socio-political environments are associate with the constant evolution in the life circle of the media in the entire society.

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On the other hand, the growth of the media has increased the speed in which the messages are conveyed thus a massive increase in the production output in the entire sector in the socio-political environments in the modern society. The power and the influence of media tentatively create reflection and overall awareness, which interns stimulate the development in the contemporary setting. Also, the changes in the behaviors of the consumers associated with the periodic change in the media operation in the manner in which the information is conveyed in the society. Imperatively, the media is closely linked to the dominant power structures where it provides an insight in the resource ownership, the relevant professional ideologies to help boost the economy and the socio-cultural activities in the society Bryant et al. (2009).

Media effect on society

According to Curran (2005), a media effect is a theoretical approach which primarily media influences the trending stories in the society. The theory also tends to sensitize the entire public on the pattern of the trending information across various intuitions in the community. The mass media plays an essential role in allowing the individuals to know the opinion of the others regarding the leadership qualities. The concept of the media effect influences the general thought, attitude, and behavior of individual pertaining specific information in the society. These attitudes have either the positive or negative measurable results in the demographic and the psychological characteristics of the audience. On the other hand, some of the media messages reinforce the existing beliefs which stimulate both the cultural and socio-political institutions in the entire society Shrum et al. (2009).

The development in the mass media technology in the current society such as the film, photography is perceived to contain the irresistible power to transform the cognitive and the general behavior of individuals. Notably, the media effect theory was formulated on the assumption that the audiences were passive and homogenous as confirmed on the human nature. The technological power of broadcasting among the households an enormous impact on the speed in which the information n is disseminated among the audience in the entire community. The idealistic nature of the media effect is that it helps shape the social relationship and the people opinion on the media functions and its complexity Shrum et al. (2009)It is imperative to note that the media effect is considered a vital asset in the society since it aids the passage of information through a broad audience. The speed in which data is dispensed in the community has a significant effect on the socio-cultural operation which interns boost the economic base. Ultimately, the concept of the media effect aims at shaping the reflexive nature of communication and its implications in the social actions Shrum et al. (2009).

The hypothesis behind the media effect is that it has the immediate and powerful impact on the audience which influences the behavior change in the society. Outstandingly, the cognitive and the psychological changes affected by the media effect forms the fundamental mode of coordination in a set of community. In general, the capitalism approach in manning the economic activities mostly depends on the information and the nature of advertisement conducted within a given period. The innovations made on the digital technology interestingly change the overall consumption behavior of the consumers which affect the general demand and supply in the community. The general format of the media perceives the world in a way that information is dispensed instantly which weakens the cultural consciousness by the nature of the programs presented.

The last analogy of these format shows that one culture tends to use the content displayed in the programs as a way of interpreting the reality, for instance, the heated debates can reflect the manner in which the conflict can be solved in the society. Also, the socio-political principles are ideally organized by the contribution of the media effects which mostly bridge the relationship between the media and the general operations in the society. Significantly, the ultimate design and the styles in which the media information is formatted and presented to the audience have a significant influence in changing the behavior of media consumption in the community Bryant et al. (2009).

The style in which the media programs are formatted affect the political decision and thereby creating paradigm shift the political pattern. The images displayed bear the social responsibility upon which the political analysis and evaluations are based. The media, therefore, acts watchdog to most political office as a lens of the public. It is imperative to note that the media design affects individuals diffidently, for instance, the print media such as the magazines, article and the internet web pages usually targets the illiterate individuals in the society in an ideal political environment. Seemingly, the electronic media tends to focus all the individuals across the societal divide.

Media effect on Sexism

Heldman (2009) affirms that Sexism entails the aspect of discrimination lodged against a person based on gender. It is a form of discrimination that affects the female gender by the male counterparts in the society. The issues of sexism in the community are linked to media; the media mainly the magnitude of the stereotype and the sexual harassment like the rape. On the other hand, the exploitation of women in the media such as television, films and several advertisements, general interest women and focus on exploiting them in the society. The current media set up uses the concept of sexism and public portrayal of women as the sex agents in the advertisement and publicity, mainly to attract the attention of the male counterparts in the society. From the in-depth analysis and research reveals a contemporary rise in the gender and sexualization in several popular cultures in the community. Also, several advertisements made on the magazines and films show the stereotype images of women such as the nude or partially nude images exposing them as inferior and of low social power. It is imperative, to note that in shooting music videos, films, modeling is some of the media products which escalate the stereotypes of women to advertise to the entirely to the public (Heldman 2009).

Media effect on Racism

Racism as a societal menace is a general belief in the superiority of one race as compared to the other. The overall outcome as portrayed in the media reveals prejudice and discrimination against a group of people based on their ethnic background. The concept of racism as described by the media can also mean a sharp division in the innate human behavior such as the ideological differences by members from different ethnical backgrounds. Significantly, media influence a more significant population in the entire society (Saeed et al. 2007). Following the technological advancement in the media, the impact of the press is realized across all, the political divides since the number of media users have significantly increased in their everyday lives .on the other account, media tends to shape specific behaviors which impart appropriate beliefs and moral values in the society.

Media Effect on consumer culture

According to Keller et al. (2007), the human capitalist society is dramatically is influenced by the media on the general human consumption behavior. The information often portrayed by the media through, television, magazines and films and other information communication technology display a shift in the harmful practice. Notably, media cultures provide the first visual knowledge which provides the ultimate paradigm shift in the consumer behavior in the society. The widespread of the media services primarily emphasized on the images of the objects and personalities and the content behind it. The terms of presentations and the nature of the pictures presented determine the manner in which the individuals. The prices of goods as dictated by most companies are primarily displayed to the consumers by the media personality in the society. The adverts made on the media technology platform assist in changing the general consumer behavior in the community.

Media Advertising and children

According to O'Keeffe et al. (2011), the modernization of the media operations regarding formatting and the general style of format greatly influenced the lifestyle of most kids in the entire society. Outstandingly, the children are sole consumers of the modern technological platforms compared to the elderly in the community. The internet and the general sites which allow constant interactions through the social media have seen communication grown in the recent past. The current media platform encourages positive living when embraced positively but on the other side also can cause the moral decay and general addiction.

Significantly, the in-depth analysis reveals that the children exposed to the electronic media portray a more advanced lifestyle compared the ones not introduced to media. The children today are better connected and more informed than the past generation, the magnitude of research and the information available render them more educated than the previous generation. On the other hand, the modern technology exposes the children to some element of immoral lifestyle such pornography, addiction and violence but if well monitored can warrant the children gain much information (O'Keeffe et al. 2011),

In conclusion, the modern technological advancement in the media industry has a massive contribution to the general operations of individuals in the entire society. The dependency and the ultimate consumption of the media products influence the behavior of an individual in the organization. On the same account, the media formatting and the styles of dispensing information can also impact the individuals in the society negatively.

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