Behavioural Change Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-07
Behavioural Change Essay Sample
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For the two applications chosen, my overall specific, measurable, assignable realistic and time-related (SMART) objective was to ensure attainment of good health through exercise and a proper diet. This particular goal met the SMART criteria in the sense that it was explicitly meant to achieve good health. The goal was measurable as the impacts of the two apps could be visualized, and the physical changes for examples could be seen on an individual. Attaining the goal is achievable with the help of mind mate and the carrot reward apps. It was a realistic goal bearing the fact that not so many variables were involved and lastly, the purpose had a time bound for around six weeks.

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My goal never changed in the fifth week. In fact, I realized my goal with different variables put in place. With the carrot app, I got to lose some weight through walking. This achievement was attributed to the fact that the app has daily set targets to be achieved. It therefore motivates, and one keeps working to meet the set targets. The fact that friends can also be invited to the set challenge is also quite encouraging, and one remains working to the end. Even though I felt that the app missed an essential aspect of a diet a plan, it still proved useful to the realization of my goal.

For the mind mate app, I majorly focused on exercise for the different parts of the body as well as the diet. I also played mind games to reduce stress and boredom. The app proved useful as it had the recordings for progress as well as the provision for note taking which ensures that one can track his /her activities. Even though the mind mate app had several adverts, it was also useful as I could feel more at ease by week 5 and could testify to being healthier than before and I could feel much physically fit as well.

Tracking my behavior had a significant impact on my goal setting, meeting my goal as well as evaluating whether or not I realized my goal. While setting my goal, I had the tracking records in my mind as I knew that I could only achieve whatever I wanted if I had a track made for observing my progress in the various activities and behaviors. The realization of my goal was highly attributed to the progress records as well as the note taking made available in the mind mate app. They ensured that I got to be reminded of the important diet as well as the targeted activity in which I would engage. Furthermore, it is from the track records that I was able to conclude that I for sure achieved my goal. Based on the records of the daily activities and the possible records of the outcomes, one can quickly rule out the success or failure of their proposed goals.

A script to demonstrate principles of motivational interviewing

My partner had a goal of achieving proper eating patterns.

asking permission

Do you mind if we talk about your eating patterns?

Can we talk a bit about your eating habits?

Response: I won't mind us talking about my eating pattern as long as I can get help.

Evoking change talk

What makes you think that you need to change your eating pattern?

What would your life be like three years from now if you changed your eating pattern?

Response: I have been told now and again by friends and family members that I overeat. Some even mention that I eat more frequently than pigs. I believe that if I were to change my eating pattern, I would be much healthier and more physically fit in three years' time.

Exploring the importance of change

Suppose you don't change, what is the worst thing that might happen?

Response: Based on my last check-up, I may end up being severely obese if I don't change my eating pattern. This level of being overweight may even lead to hypertension.

4).Readiness for change ruler

a) On the following scale from 1 to 10 where one is not ready to change, and ten is prepared to change, what number best reflects how prepared you are at present to change your eating pattern?

Response: 10

5. Summary

It sounds like you are much concerned about your eating pattern. The fact that your friends and family have been nagging you about your eating habit doesn't seem easy to cope with. The fact that you recognize the importance of changing your eating pattern is a good sign based on the fact that you are already aware of the risks that may come with you failing to adapt. The fact that you are ready to change your behavior is the first step towards your success.

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