Essay Sample on a Discussion on Human Learning

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Sample on a Discussion on Human Learning
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Learning refers to the process of modifying or acquiring existing skills, behavior, preferences, and values. Most of the skills and knowledge usually learned acuminate after repeated experiences and often last for a lifetime. Nature and processes that are involved in learning may be reviewed in various fields such as pedagogy, educational psychology, and experimental psychology. Further research in these fields has mainly led to the identification of numerous sorts of learning, for example, learning that is likely to occur due to habituation, operant conditioning, or classical conditioning. As a child dollops his style and personality, so does he develop a particular learning style. There are usually three main learning styles that are developed by a learner; they include; first, visual learning, this is a style whereby the student learns and understands best when the information is visually presented. Secondly, auditory learning, this is a learning style where student understand the information well when it is presented in an audial manner. Thirdly, kinesthetic learning. Which is a learning style where the student understand the information well when it is presented to them using their hands and bodies.

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According to Eleanor Duckworth, One is required to have foundation knowledge on a certain topic or field for one to improve on it and develop better outcomes or solutions (Duckworth, 2006). The anther tries to explain the importance of learning or having basic ideas in intelligence development. The author first indicates that "Wonderful ideas do not spring out of nothing, they are built on a foundation of other ideas." By providing this statement, she is trying to show the importance of the learning process. She believes that all the great ideas developed by most learners are usually developed or formulated through a combination of various bits of ideas that were learned or taught previously. The combination of the various basic bits of knowledge learnt to help the students or learners to expand their memory and come up with more comprehensive or conclusive ideas. For example, in for a student to develop a conclusive experiment that involves the use of batteries to produce electricity, he or she is required to have basic knowledge about batteries. For example, how the batteries work and the amount of current the batteries produce. He or she is also needed to know the kind of wires and circuit to use when performing the experiment. Therefore learning and understanding this basic details helps to provide the base or foundation of developing or expanding the idea that is being put into practice.

Believing in oneself is also a key factor in the learning process. "developing confidence in one's ideas does not mean, "I know my ideas are right"; it means, "I am willing to try out my ideas" (Duckworth, 2006). Having the confidence to share or implement a certain idea is usually crucial since it acts as a learning process that facilitates future improvement. In most cases, successful entrepreneurs usually learn from their failures after implementing certain ideas that fail to meet the expected outcomes. The main drive of entrepreneurship is having the confidence of trying to implement ideas that are helpful to others. Therefore, most of the entrepreneurs tend to be action researchers since they learn mainly through experimenting with their ideas. Allowing or encouraging the learners to gain confidence to implement their ideas may act as an effective learning method since have a chance to upgrade their ideas depending on the failures they go through. In most cases, success hinge less depends less on what one knows than on how well you learn and understand new things such as the spot patterns. To ensure that more people become change makers the schools should ensure that the students believe that their ideas are valuable, that it is good to ask questions and take the initiative and that it is better to make mistakes than not trying to implement ideas.

In the learning process, "You don't want to cover a subject; you want to uncover it.". to clearly understand a certain idea one needs to dig a bit deeper into the topic to understand its basics. This helps to answer various questions such as why and what. To promote the students understanding of the learning process, the schools should challenge their students to uncover the hidden content when tackling various topics or ideas. In most cases, the schools usually help the students to uncover the various parts of the world that the children may not have known how to tackle. To uncover certain information proper focus and concentration is needed to enable one to highlight some of the key details that are hidden in the information. Uncovering certain information also requires one to have basic knowledge regarding the topic or idea to enhance the chances of understanding. According to Eleanor Duckworth, wonderful ideas are usually, build on other wonderful ideas (Meek,1991). With the basic knowledge regarding a certain topic, it becomes easier to learn and understand the basic content that is presented in the information. An example of a case whereby a student was trying to uncover why a certain bulb in an electric circuit was not lighting, the student is required to have adequate knowledge regarding bulbs, wires, and batteries. This kind of information will help him to uncover the specific areas that are causing faults in the circuit.


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