Essay Sample on Social Media and Racial Inequality

Published: 2023-03-02
Essay Sample on Social Media and Racial Inequality
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Social media is one of the major technological advancements of the 21st century. It is also one of the major contributors to globalization since communication has been made easier throughout the globe. Major social media include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This kind of media has affected racial inequality in both negative and positive ways. Racial inequality involves. Unfair distribution of power, opportunities or resources based on individual skin color or the part of the world that they come from. Such inequalities mostly happen to the minority groups in society, for example, the African Americans and Latin Americans.

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Social media has contributed to the reduction of racial inequality in the world of the twenty-first century. Unlike in the old days, people who are racist and favor or despise others on racial barriers cannot do it because they are afraid of social media. While this does not make people stop being racist it has made them fear for their public images. Currently, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), who are notoriously supporting white supremacists in the USA go on demonstrations covered in masks, and they have lost their popularity over time. Even though their members want the white people to be given more opportunities than any other race in America they have feared to reveal the faces in public. In the recent demonstration, they were very few such that counter-demonstrators were more than them (Tara 2019), thanks to social media. Since social media is very viral, people doing what is not considered to be right for other racists are afraid to be recognized and be dubbed as racist people.

Social media also has a contribution to global interaction ad has made people recognize the culture, traditions, and beliefs of other races in the world. An Asian person can be friends with the ones in America, Europe, Africa or any other part of the world. Such an interaction has made people recognize the similarity beyond racial background and skin color. Hence people have learned to treat other individuals with respect since they recognize their common interest. For example, companies have recognized that individual productivity is not based on their skin color but on the effort they put. Hence they have employed people depending on their qualifications and not their race. Moreover, social media has expounded individual knowledge such that the people of color and the minority groups have known their rights and how they are supposed to be treated. With this knowledge, they can easily point racial inequality and condemn it and demand to be treated equally.

People have also created a social media platform that fights unequal treatment either at the workplace or at any other place. For example, the African American has created a "Black tweeter" where they come together and point out racial inequality treatment. Such media have helped people act as a unit while dealing with unfair or unfavorable treatment in society. Generally, the media has helped people to unit together and address racial inequality issues contrary to the past when people were treated unequally and reacted alone.

However, while social media has contributed to the decrease of racial in-equalities in some cases, in other cases, they have encouraged it. People are abused on social media simply because they come from a minority race. Additionally, the groups campaigning for social inequalities have also been formed on social media and working together to make sure that they achieve their objectives. Hence, social media has stimulated unity and interaction among the people in the world and this has encouraged and discouraged racial inequality. However, considering the facts above social media has discouraged racial inequality more than it has encouraged it.

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