Stress in My Life. Personal Essay Example for Students.

Published: 2018-03-04
Stress in My Life. Personal Essay Example for Students.
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We are always faced with stressful moments at one point in our lives. Even though some of these encounters are only mild and do not have much impact on our lives, others are so intense that they tend to create permanent change in the way we perceive lives. Every difficult episode in one’s life always comes with a lesson that makes them understand life better. The most stressful experience in my life came when I left my mother and my two lovely brothers in Nigeria back in 2014 and go to further my education. I had got so used to my family members that I could not imagine of relocating to another place. Being an introvert affected me as I was not very good at making new friends. Besides, I was going to have a change of school so that I could not even see some of my friends at school. This event was very stressful to me because even my school activities were conductive collectively with my friends and family.

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We used to do homework and other recreational activities like swimming, and playing games together and even try to learn new things during our weekend and holidays. In spite of the fact that this change was going to affect me in nearly all aspects, I had to embrace it positively since it was going to change my future life to be better. I remained friendless for a long time in my first time being an international student. I had to learn the new culture in this country and also better my English language. Additionally, I had to keep all my secrets to myself; not talking to anyone including my parents for sometimes However, after being referred to a series of therapist for counseling sessions, I was able to rejuvenate to a happy person and began to make a few friends. Some of the schoolmates in my new school were very friendly and helped me with the healing process. These students also became my friends in the process as we learn from each other and share our experiences from different countries. Even though I have not recovered completely from this experience, I came to realize that the body is the slave of the mind. I had never imagined that I would make new friends and increase my social network until I had a change of mind. Today, I am much better than earlier before I landed here because I have improved my career skills and experience in life. I have had very good experiences which are worth it. I have learnt to be an extravert; this personality is very helpful to me and has made my life happier. The experience has also changed my perception of life and improves my critical thinking when making decisions. Lastly, I have had a chance to visit museum and wonders of nature in my host country.

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