Essay Example on Solutions to Cyberbullying

Published: 2019-09-17
Essay Example on Solutions to Cyberbullying
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Cyberbullying is the threats, tormenting, harassment, or embarrassment that take place in the internet by one person especially minors targeting another minor or young adults (Smith, 2009). A clearer definition is the willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones and other electronic device. Cases of cyberbullying have increased in the recent past and the effects are out rightly evident. The causes of cyberbullying could range from simple attempts to intimidate a person or even serious life threatening reasons like gaining advantage over someone in business or political arena. People involved in cyberbullying have reportedly been involved in suicide and murder attempts. The aim of this essay is to give some solutions and evaluate their applicability and their effectiveness in reducing if not eradicate cases of cyber bullying (Whitner, 2012).

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The first solution is the prohibition of children from access to the internet and other electronic media devices. The access to the internet should be controlled through parental controls and the use of encryption of devices used to access the internet (Hidunja & Patchin, 2011). The internet should be used for specified reasons which the concerned authorities (parents and teachers) have given consent. Homework and assignments can be allowed but the learners should know their limits. Parents should be vigilant and even talk to their kids about the material they get from the internet when they are at home. Tutors should be guardians of the students at school and ensure that the students access the right material on the internet. According to Patricia (2008), this solves the problem of access to harmful material on the internet by young adults by restricting them through the use of passwords. However, the major limitation of this solution is that the kids are not always in school or home where their habits can be monitored by their guardians. This gives the kids the chance to explore the sites they want without the knowledge of their parents exposing them to the risk of cyber bullies. Despite this limitation, it is an effective solution because most kids are bullied right at home or at school without the knowledge of their guardians.

The second solution is education to the concerned parties i.e. tutors parents and kids. Smith (2009) says that kids need to know the effects of internet use so as to stop indulgences in the sites they visit. The devices that they use should be user friendly and the parents should campaign against some sites on the internet that pose the risk of bullying to their kids. At school, the students should be taught about the effect of cyberbullying and the ways to protect themselves (Hidunja & Patchin, 2011). This method is very effective since the people are taught why they should not enter certain sites and even if they are unrestricted, they will not enter because they know the dangers they might be exposed to. The limitation of this solution is that some people will still not apply the knowledge they have even after they have been educated. All in all, the solution is much more effective than the first one since people will access internet having the knowledge about the possible dangers they will expose themselves to.

In conclusion, the cyberbullying problem can be solved if all people agree to stop it. Education and involvement of all parties should be at the top to help solve this problem. This essay has focused on two methods of preventing cyberbullying that is, education and the limiting of the use of the internet by the kids.


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Stopping cyberbullying

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