Essay Sample on Protection of Asylum

Published: 2022-12-30
Essay Sample on Protection of Asylum
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Protection of Asylum is one of the issues that needs to be addressed critically by the United States of America. Considering President Trump ban on admission of refugees, then that brings American to the attention of other nations on calling for the protection of the Asylums. The government should treat the asylums well regardless of there race, religion, political status, or nationality. This is because Asylums are also human beings and they have their right which should be respected. The government should look for ways of treating them since they are looking for refuge due to the fears which are as a result of instabilities in their countries. Making then to go through suffering is violating their rights. Instead, managing their influx is recommended, and it is also a form of showing compassion to them.

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It is important to protect Asylums because it is a form of bringing unity and fostering for peace. In most cases, these people are usually depressed because they have been forced to flee from there countries to escape torture, persecutions, horrific violence, and other human rights abuse. Probably they might have been the targets in their counties just because of what they do or who they are. For instance, as a result of their ethnicity or political options, they might be forced to move. In some case, they are permanently displaced, and they might not have a chance to return to their original homeland.

Secondly, protecting asylum seekers is a way of promoting both national and international relation; hence the Government should not neglect it but focus on it as an obligation of the Government. By doing this, then the government will gain confidence in other countries and in turn promote world peace. It might also result in economic growth which will come as a result of good relation with other countries. Good relation will encourage trade hence promoting the economy.

Refuges and asylum have rights in place which physician for human rights are more concern with. What brings a lot of attention is the decision by the United States of America of opposing the text which was made by U.N in regards to the work of America refugee agency. This calls for a global approach since it is a sign of rejection of international laws for refugees. It shows how the U.S Government criminalizes asylum seekers instead of finding ways of protecting them. The act of U.S opposing U.N text has resulted in the refuges and asylums opting to flee from the United States of America because of fear of discrimination and persecution.

America has adopted a zero-tolerance policy which has resulted in the decriminalization of the refugees and asylum seekers. Others have also been detained for no reason including children which is a contradiction of U.S principles that protects the rights of the vulnerable groups. Besides, rejection of asylum claims concerning the people who had crossed the borders of U.S point of entry is also a violation of both international and U.S laws. Security screening and current biographical data collection is one of the factors that has contributed to the refuges admission being restricted. All this is making then government to encounter a lot of critics from other nations since it is mostly taken as a way of human rights violation which is true, it makes the refuges to go through hard time which can be avoided if the Government is going to find ways of managing it without violating the rights of the refuges.

Legal refugee intakes in the United States of America also should be promoted although the rate of refugees in the country has gone down. This is because of the executive orders against the refuges being reinforced.

The Government is therefore required to enforce the laws which protect the refugees from being violated rather than giving orders that are contradicting the laws. By doing that, then promotion of legal refuges intakes is archived with ease. Promoting an increase in legal refuges intakes is not only benefiting the country alone. Those who benefit more are the refugees themselves. When the Government is tolerating the refugee intake, the refuges themselves are free from fear of persecution since they are assured protection by the Government. Most of the refugees now are in fear of persecution because of Trump administration which is not favoring them at all. Instead, they are going through challenges which are not supposed to be the case since they were fleeing their countries to look for safety.

Finally, asylum seekers should not be ignored; they should be taken as a priority because they are also fighting for their rights like normal citizens. Their aim is to be recognized as important people by the Government. Therefore, advocating for a bill which will favor their move is necessary because after the bill has been approved, then it will enable them to overcome the fear of persecution regardless of their race or homeland origin. If the promotion of legal refuges intake is going to be successful, then Government will, therefore, be in a position to provide basic needs for the refuges thus meeting the recommendations of the U.N High Commission for Refuges that the human's right should be respected.

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