Free Essay on Volunteer Management

Published: 2022-09-06
Free Essay on Volunteer Management
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Response to Question One

The main cause of the problem in the stated case is the fact that the organization failed to focus the entire recruitment process for both the permanent staff and the volunteers. It is worth noting that the volunteer recruitment forms the most important aspect of volunteer management. A sound recruitment strategy is essential to determine (accurately) the number of the volunteers that the organization requires. The recruitment strategy did not reflect the needs of the organization, particularly in the long-term. Essentially, there was no need to hire the volunteers (in excess) while the organization did not intend to keep them in the long run. a focused recruitment process is necessary in that it allows an organization and the management to kick start and maintain volunteer experience. Additionally, the management ought the organization failed to prioritize regular volunteer recognition, meaning that the management did not show that it did value the volunteers despite their impressive, tremendous input.

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Response to Question Two

The general Manager failed to prioritize or value the inputs of the volunteers. It is imperative to show deep concern for the volunteers as opposed to laying them off at the sign of danger. Additionally, the general manager ought to have initiated a training program to ensure uniformity of their performance in terms of voice synchronization.

The Program's Director failed to determine accurately the needs of the organization, meaning that he hired the volunteers who were not best suited for the needs of the organization. It is imperative to recruit based on the needs of the organization and the suitability of the candidates. The fact that the program's director was able to notice, maybe rightfully so, that the volunteers' voices had a lot of variation.

Response to Question Three

Yes. The main objective of engaging in volunteer work was to improve my skills and experience in my field. It also allowed me to put the skills acquired to better practice, for example, improving the lives of the others. Additionally, volunteering provides great opportunity for networking because one gets to meet new people, especially the ones who have better experience in the field (Ludwig et., 2017). Closely related to that is the fact that volunteering provides a great opportunity to connect with the members of the community in different capacities. I also volunteered to explore new areas of interest. Finally, volunteering allowed me to expand my resume, meaning it did prepare me for the next assignment by improving my chances of landing a job.

Response to Question Four

The most appropriate reward for the volunteers is to place them in the areas of interest or suitability. The organization failed to achieve that feat and that is why the program's director was able to determine that there was no uniformity in the voices of the volunteers, and then laid then off. Secondly, there needs to be appropriate recognition of the value that the volunteers add to the organization. In this regard, the organization needs to prove that it is a meaningful recipient. The organization did fail to place value on the volunteers and that is why they were laid off without much consideration.

Response to Question Five

The first step is to recognize the unique talents that the volunteers possessed. Secondly, the manager should then assign them duties based on their specialization and suitability (Studer, 2016). In the allocated positions, the volunteers should be monitored and trained to improve their skills in the areas of specialty. Finally, there should be due recognition of the volunteers' inputs to motivate them to perform in the various capacities.


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Studer, S. (2016). Volunteer management: Responding to the uniqueness of volunteers. Nonprofit and voluntary sector quarterly, 45(4), 688-714.

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