To Any Would-Be Terrorists - The Essay Analysis Example

Published: 2022-05-10
To Any Would-Be Terrorists - The Essay Analysis Example
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The essay "To Any Would-Be Terrorists" describes how ethnicity is affecting most people all over the world. In this case, the author, Naomi Shihab Nye uses herself as an example. She, been Arab-American has learnt a lot especially that not every Arab is a terrorist. Further, she addresses the people in the Middle-Eastern following the killing taking place in their own locality. Being a product of two nations portray the best example why people should embrace each other irrespective of their ethnic culture. Additionally, she captures the attention of the audience by describing events based on her own experience. Moreover, she uses her own family to pass a resourceful message to actual pseudo. The information caution who wants to attack others to think twice before acting wrongful to the follow colleagues.

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The author begins by outlining the harm caused by the attacks in the region. Furthermore, she portray her attitude toward the situation, how it feels to mess especially to the people around us. She is even disgusted about the name itself. This shows clearly that Arab-American people are ought to love one another for the people from the two nations to remain proud of where they come from. Some even might hide their identities just because typecasts have long ago blemish the identity of the hardworking people in that region. Having her own family as example, she outline how they were much generous to everyone. The aspect clearly outline the integrity of her people. Author wants to make clearly that there are good people who helped the freedom of Palestinians, yet their lives have been taken away.

Furthermore, she remind the people about the power of Islamic religion. Besides, she mention what it really stands for. Thinks the current catastrophes stains not only the Islamic religion in her own region but also to that of the whole world. This is to the reference of her own grandmother. Generally, the author is so much pissed off with the current ongoing in the state, especially that the acquitted people especially the international ones are suffering when they are not supposed to. She is much sorry not only for herself but also for them that their families remain to have scars for lifetime. Indeed it was a terrible success killing acquitted people.

Naomi Shihab Nye wanted to utilize the chance that she is much close to Arabs than other Americans to outline that is wrongful act to kill blameless people. She wants to express how it feels as a representation of the whole community. Moreover, the author urges people to listen to her by been persuasive enough. She even promised everyone to give food they love most. This is a sign of how much she love peace more than anything else. Through this aspect, it shows how much she is furious about the incidence.

She went ahead to use her father as an example. The father been Palestinian, he became an immigrant was back in 1948 when he was a college student in United States. Right now he is 74 years old but still have homesick. Furthermore, the father has written many stories to verify that Arabs are not all terrorist. Instead, they are scholars, business people and also neighbors. To foster unity, he plants figs and invites neighboring Ethiopians to fill their sacks with it.

On the other side, the mother took more than 50 years to persuade fellow teachers as well as choir mates not to trust pigeon-holes concerning the Middle East. The mother always tells them that there is much to learn about the story about Middle East. If they knew the truth they would not conclude the wrong perception. Further, they wished everyone had parents from different ethnic groups, maybe they could understand the news in a better way. Well, further emphasis claim that Arabs are known for generosity.

The outcome of ethnic violence is never a good thing to think of. Take for example her cousin's children in Texas who have never gone to any school. The author takes this chance to further emphasize the killing mission was awful success. Most individuals are much aware of the unfairness in the United States concerning the Palestine and the Israel. People have also written all over in the newspapers, to each other and also to the politicians. However, she outlines that it is the responsibility of everyone. People have running over the government for help but the only challenge is the fact that they can formulate the policies by themselves.

In conclusion, the author claimed that people have different paths to success. In a similar manner, we cannot all belong to one religion. This was meant for those who are fighting Christians just because they are not Muslims. Following the same path all leads to overcrowding. She uses an example of Khalid ibn al-Walid, who was a Muslim leader and yet he made a contract with Jerusalem treaty. She declared that the ethnic violence should never be a talk in the town anymore.

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