Essay Sample on Gun Control in the US

Published: 2024-01-01
Essay Sample on Gun Control in the US
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In the U.S., a shooting involving multiple deaths dominates the news of the country. The deadliest shooting in the U.S. took place in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. A single gunman opened fire in the club and killed 49 people and left several others wounded. The case was linked with the homegrown extremism of the Islamic groups, which included ISIS. The instances of gun violence in the U.S. are dominant due to citizens' rights to bear firearms. In this essay, I support the fact that U.S. should enact stricter gun control regulations to curb gun violence cases in the country.

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Gun Violence

Several cases of massacre arising from gun violence have happened on several occasions in the U.S. The cases involve mass shootings and the spate attacks from the police in the country. Thus, there is a need for more restrictive gun laws to enhance the protection of lives in the U.S. The congress shows their support for the stricter gun control law. The law display to enhance tighter restrictions concerning gun purchases in the country. The limited capacity of obtaining guns will, in turn, result in fewer firearms in the hands of the public. The limited number of weapons will help curb the causes of gun violence in the U.S. Besides, the stricter gun control law indicates that the federal, local, and state policies are mandated to control possession of a firearm by the citizens in the country. In consideration of the matter, the Supreme Court adopted the collective rights approach in enhancing the congressional regulation of the sawed-off shotgun. However, several opposing forces restrict the implementation of the stricter gun control law meant to control guns' possession. The troops have to be eliminated to enhance the more stringent gun control law on possession of firearms.

Gun Ownership

The institution opposing the efforts to restrict the sale and gun ownership is the National Rifle Association (NRA). The institution is said to be the leading pro-gun rights group in the U.S. Consequently, the institution shows significant dedication to protect individuals' rights to bear arms. The institution indicates the stricter gun control law to deny people of their right to self-defense and safety. The NRA argues basing its arguments on the Second Amendments promoting ownership of firearms by the citizens. However, the ideas presented by NRA display to worsen the security of the U.S. by facilitating gun violence. Thus, the NRA should change its directives and support the stricter gun control law to curb gun violence cases that are rampant in the country. Moreover, the institution should enhance the tracing of the individuals possessing guns for return or licensing by the governmental jurisdictions. Furthermore, licensing is vital because it promotes the act of determining the perpetrators of gun violence acts.


From the above display, I present my arguments in favor of the stricter gun control law. The law shows to restrict the individuals of the U.S. from bearing firearms. Consequently, the restriction will enhance the process of controlling gun-related violence in the U.S. Reduction of gun violence will enhance the significant protection of lives in the country. Moreover, in promoting the dictates in ownership of guns, the legislators should develop mechanisms to curb the opposing forces arising from the Second Amendments on the right to bear arms and the NRA.


Lytle, Tamara. 2020. "Gun Control In The U.S.." Accessed October 5.

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